I haz a rant


On the eve of a mid term election day, and despite my absolute passion for politics and the games surrounding it, I am absolutely DONE with people who MIX politics and games – specifically, the World Series.

Quit telling me who to root for in the Series based on political beliefs! Seriously – STOP IT!

You know why I love sports? Because I am a fan of that particular sport and a die hard fan of my local teams. I root for them no matter what. Fan being short for fanatic, I take that very seriously. Win or lose, I love My Padres & My Chargers and whatever team my son happens to be playing for at the time. It’s also quite shallow. No hidden meaning. No real life impact. Just good old FUN.

Do I care whether the owners of the team are conservative or liberal? Hell No! Do I care about the political leanings of the players on my teams? Hell No!

Sports is an ESCAPE from politics – not something to be blended with it. It’s supposed to be mindless and fun. You cheer & boo players and teams lustily to let off steam about all the other real life crap going on in your world.

So do I care about this Calif vs Texas (blue state vs red state) World Series? Hell no! All my liberal baseball fans are screaming that we have to root for San Fran because they somehow “represent”  liberals. WTF? NO – they represent the Giants & Giants fans and that’s IT! And as a diehard Padres fan – NO – I do NOT have to root for them thank you very much!  I am still absolutely allowed to be bitter about losing the division to them. I am absolutely allowed to be pissed at the recently developed assholish behavior of previously fun loving Giants fans. So yes, this proud Democrat, who already mailed in her straight ticket Democratic ballot for California, is rooting full scale for The Rangers. Yes, they are on the verge of losing most likely, but I don’t care. Yes, it would make the Worst President Ever happy if the Rangers pulled it out. I don’t care!!! I can separate those things.

Politics is not a 24/7 thing – it shouldn’t take over your entire life. You shouldn’t be looking for political statements or spin in everything everyone says or does.

It reminds me of the Adam Lambert fans who cannot seem to breathe without asking his permission. How sad is that? Don’t you know who YOU are without validation from him? Here’s one of my favorite (sarcasm) exchanges with an Adam fan – which has happened three times in the last year:

Fan: “Do you watch True Blood?”

Me: “No, I am not into vampire stories at all”

Fan: “Oh, but Adam LOVES it!”

Yeah – so? I’m supposed to change around all of my interests & passions to match Adam’s? Uh, NO. Also, boy did YOU miss his message to everyone about being happy IN YOUR OWN SKIN!  Yes, I love Adam and his music. No, I don’t love True Blood. Oh look, my world did not shatter at that statement!

I am balanced. I am nuanced.  I have a mind of my own & I use it. Try it.

Why I wish I could follow Adam Lambert on tour


The perfect combination of great acoustics, a properly quiet crowd, and one of the most beautiful voices ever. I so wish I had the freedom to see the concert over and over and over. No, 3 times was NOT enough!

All is love!


Yes, I am posting something political on my main site – though that’s because, to me, this should NOT BE political!

Prop 8 Struck Down – The Decision – a long, but very well fleshed out summary of the legal aspects of the decision handed down yesterday which caused oh so much celebration amongst all my friends yesterday afternoon. Of course my favorite reaction on twitter came from the glittery alien voodoo king:

Equal rights are very Glam!

I love that part :-)

Keith Olbermann also reprised my favorite commentary on Prop 8 last night which was first aired on Nov 10, 2008. Also coming at it from the angle of celebrating LOVE vs anything else. Lord knows I felt a whole lotta love yesterday as we all cheered this decision. Even though we know it is not over – it was still a huge step and worthy of celebration.

Meanwhile – a concert pic from last week that I forgot to post – from the second Costa Mesa stop which was all the more fun for me because I got to share it my favorite concert partner:

Music Man, Me, & Padres/Adam friend David

I love how many of my internet friends – who I initially connected with for one specific shared interest – have now started to spill over into other areas :-)

And now I must simply get through this day somehow until the 10:45pm mark or thereabouts depending on airline travel issues. Sports Boy is ON HIS WAY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam Lambert didn’t have to win American Idol – clearing up a rumor.


(This blog will return to regularly scheduled programming next week. Need to continue the brain dump from the last two weeks)

Clearing up what I call the BIGGEST misconception about American Idol. I heard this while talking to fans at all three shows this week and while I know my little barely visited blog wont stop this rumor from continuing, I have to try!

Here’s the deal: As soon as you make it to the round of 13 (or 12, or 14 or however AI wants to do it that season) – you are automatically under a preliminary recording contract with them. Any song you perform as a contestant on the show will also have an accompanying studio version released on iTunes so you are technically at that moment a recording artist. The parent company (19 Entertainment) then holds a ‘right of first refusal’ on any post Idol records. So, it does not matter whether you come in 10th or 1st – 19E becomes your management company and WILL sign you to a record deal IF they think you are good enough. The only one who they HAVE to give a deal to is the winner. The way it worked out in Season 8 was that the official recording deals with Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta were formally announced pretty much as soon as the show ended. That’s your #2 and #4 contestants. Kris Allen – who won – did not have a deal announced until after them. Of course it was a given for him, but 19E has to decide which of their labels they want the artist to be under. They knew well into the show where they wanted Adam and Allison to be and got to work on it early. Plus, regardless of winning or not, Adam had such a passionate group of fans that any smart production company would start to bank on that popularity right out of the gate. Once the show is over, it is then up to the artist to make something of the opportunity they have been given.

So – stop saying (in any year) – that “it’s better if he/she doesn’t win because then they aren’t tied to American Idol!” because that is BUNK! First of all – any one of those singers would KILL to be ‘tied to American Idol’ because that is your publicity making machine. Secondly, oh yes they ARE tied! Adam has stated in dozens and dozens of post Idol interviews that he was given plenty of room to roam creatively on his album. Whatever misconception people have about 19e, I truly don’t understand because there is no evidence to support the statement that it is so awful to be ‘tied’ to them. Was it a Kelly Clarkson thing? Maybe, but that was season 1 which was, at this point, ages ago. I certainly don’t hear Carrie Underwood complaining about 19e!! Wouldn’t be able to hear her past all those grammy’s anyway :-)

And if you don’t believe me that Adam and Kris have the same deal – well, here, listen to HIM tell you! (and yeah, I shake my head at the dj who works in the business repeating the same damn misconception. I hope he was just playing dumb to lead into this topic because otherwise he just looks really…dumb!):

Oh – and since this interview also includes the Dusty Madrid tale and since Adam did just tweet a pic from Vegas – here’s the infamous Dusty Madrid photo:

Dusty Madrid (Lambert)

Adam Lambert San Diego concert pics


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While all three concerts I saw this week were fabulous, there was something very special about the San Diego show last night. True, Costa Mesa brought 2 sold out shows in an 8500 seat outdoor amphitheater with well laid out seating and sound. Yes, I *did* end up just three rows behind the folks in the pit at the front on Tuesday night. Yes, I was with Music Man and my Padres/Adam buddy David on Wednesday night in a raucous, loud section. Yes, Adam and the band were clearly happy, relaxed and almost giggly on Wednesday as well. Yes, it was amazing in said outdoor venue to pretty much be able to hear a pin drop while Adam sang Soaked. However, his home town show last night really topped it for me.

First of all Copley Symphony Hall is gorgeous. It’s acoustically superior to almost any other venue in the county. At just 2200 seats, it’s intimate. This was the one that I camped out for two months ago. My dead center front section balcony seats were PERFECT. We got the full sense of the visuals created on stage. The lasers were above and below us. We felt fully immersed in the ambiance of each song. There were cameras everywhere videotaping the whole performance for E! True Hollywood stories. In between Allison/Orianthi/Adam they were in the crowd getting everyone warmed up. As we screamed at the top of our lungs for an encore from Adam, they ran up and down the center aisle of our section filming. Their main camera was literally behind my section since it was so perfectly dead center. And the sound! Oh man. Well, his voice is magical. He needs no enhancements or embellishments for sure. Soaked is a slower one of his songs that he performs with just him and the keyboard and he draws you right into him. You feel every nuance of every lyric. He does a set with just the acoustic guitar too. At the end, when he does his encore, bluesy version of Whole Lotta Love, well…if you don’t get chills there is something seriously wrong with you!! All three nights he hit notes that blew my mind. Oh, and he has one or two sexy moves too (seriously, he could have been a dancer if the voice wasn’t so brilliant).

He just puts on a full sensory load of a glam rock theatrical show that is over much too fast and leaves you smiling and breathless.

And the crowds?! Outfits you cannot imagine! Makeup and jewelry & sparkly clothes. I saw families with kids – yes, mom AND dad with two boys one night. They say the main demographic for his fans is 40-60 year old women (ok, that nails me and ALL of my Glamtastic girlfriends) BUT – there were plenty of younger and much older people too. Everyone around us all three nights were having a fantastic time. Even some Adam ‘virgins’ as we were calling them ended up saying the wanted to become groupies now too! Ah, if only. My three days was so much fun and I didn’t even get to do the hanging out by the buses thing  like I would have liked! I did get that shot of Adam getting onto his bus last night thanks to an inside tip from someone who knew where he would be getting on. So I did get close to him for a few seconds! But I am also so jealous of all my friends who have been truly following the tour since San Francisco last week and on into Vegas tonight. It feels weird not to be going with them! Sucks to be the responsible adult who has to WORK dammit!!

Still, it was a truly fantastic four nights surrounded by amazing people. Adam’s fans are truly one huge family. I know because I took one in this week :-) She was making her way from Northern Cal to here and now she is on to Vegas before returning here Sunday night when I will finally put her on a train home. All along the way from San Fran to Vegas she’s had people either take her in (me) or find her tickets (Jan) or give her a ride (like Lisa taking her to Vegas) and all totally on the fly with pleas sent out from Twitter. What can you do though? We all love Adam and, as he tells us every night in his show, that’s what it is all about:

Before you break you have to shed your armor
Take a trip and fall into the glitter
Tell a stranger that they’re beautiful
So all you feel is love, love
All you feel is love, love

Yes, a blogger conference w/o reliable internet!


Thanks to the Rio hotel having absolutely horrible internet access issues (and wanting to charge $14 a day for said crappy connection in your room), I quickly had to bail on the idea of posting updates this past weekend.

And I would normally catch up during the week, but, this is Glamnation tour week – three Adam Lambert concerts within 4 days starting tomorrow night. Couple that with having to truly catch up on three days of work emails and I am going to have to continue my blogging hiatus for another week.

I do have pics and various political stories to tell on PP and them some non-political to share here. And I am sure there will be at least one Adam concert review!

Speaking of Adam Lambert* – I was stalked by him in Vegas. And I have the pictures to prove it ;-))

*Hint: Not all Adam Lamberts are glittery aliens.

Happy 4th! Now even more sparkly!


What? You expected fireworks? Oh no, my blog deserves better. Adam Lambert is more sparkly & glittery than those :-) He’s also a true American success story. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate what our country means than to feature him.

My goodness would you look at that beautiful man? And how cool is this – that’s a photo from last night during his concert in North Carolina. Someone took this photo, loaded it as both color & black & white and posted it on twitter. I snagged it from there seconds later, saved it as the background on my phone & emailed it to a friend. All probably within 30 minutes of the shutter being snapped.

His Glam Nation tour is rolling along full steam. Sold out venues from the start in early June. He’s now hitting the south & mid west where he has already encountered a protester. Yeah, just one ;-) A few pics were sent from his crew last night of this one guy there with his lovely version of religious based hate. All were amused that he was out there by himself. Apparently Adam smiled & waved to him. Typical. The fans in line gave him a rousing chant of “God hates hate” (Adam’s quote from during the AI tour last year when a group of nasties were demonstrating). I imagine he’s going to encounter more than just lone fools in the upcoming cities as he swings through the Bible belt. But those protesters will be in for some push back as every venue in those cities is sold out too and man are Adam’s fans some passionate folks!

I read in an article that his fans seem like a cross between Elvis & Grateful Dead groupies. That’s about right given their age and also how many of them (guilty!) are going to more than one stop on the tour. Not only are some of my friends attending every single Calif stop & the Vegas one, but another gal I know is flying in from Malaysia for the same two weeks of concerts! Heck, I seem like a total rookie since I’m *only* going to three and I’m not staying overnight anywhere for them! I did once go see Journey twice on one of their tours, but that was just because they did two dates locally & I went to both. In this case I’m driving up to Costa Mesa (90+ miles) two nights in a row, then finally seeing the local show two nights later. 3 shows in 4 nights. And I didn’t blink & eye considering it. From the first videos posted after the tour opener I knew I had to see the show as many times as possible!


Speaking of my Adam concert buddy  – Jan and I went to see One Republic at the fair last night. She cracked me up. As we walked into the fairgrounds she was talking about how she hadn’t been in years since she got burned out after taking her now grown up boys there year after year and that she was just there to see this band blah blah blah. You know what that means right? Famous last words! I, of course, wanted to get my newly traditional treat of deep fried oreos plus I had to visit a particular vendor for a specific product needed for a possible upcoming birthday or something like that (ahem). I assured her I knew exactly how to get to both places and that we would get to our seats in plenty of time for the concert. We got past not more than two vendor stands before something caught her eye. “Oooh, look at those bags…do you mind…?” We walk out of there with her transferring everything into this cute new cloth bag she’d bought. As she said “Well, I’ll need something for all those Adam concerts! Especially when we have to stand in line for the places like SF & Vegas which are general admission seats.” OooooooKkkkk :-) We made it past the booth with sparkly hats & shirts and then hustled her off the path & through the livestock areas to get to my beloved Oreos. Now, here she resisted even thought the smell of the deep fried veggies also at that stand were tempting her greatly. I savored my Oreos as we moved on to the bigger shopping areas & toward my target booth. But then…..”Oh look at those dresses!!” Seriously – the next thing you know she’s trying on sundresses in the back of a booth & I am just giggling like crazy at her. “Well, some of the places for the concerts will be outdoors & hot & this cute, comfy dress will be perfect!” Hey, you don’t need to convince ME :-) Finally we get into the indoor shopping area and I kid you not she literally ooohed at the very first booth she saw!! Now I am really laughing but we did need to hustle so I asked another vendor & got directions to my destination. On the way we pass a booth with very cute small shoulder wallet/purses. I showed her the one I was carrying and told her I’d purchased that one last year at the fair. She says “Oh, I should probably also have a smaller one for the concerts when we don’t have to stand in line right?” Riiiight Jan! I left her there, made my purchase and went to pick her up and she finished buying item #3 for the night. All in about an hours time. Good thing she didn’t really want to be at the fair eh?

(They were all really cute, and really inexpensive purchases – I just had to tease :-))

Oh, and the One Republic concert was fantastic. Not Adamtastic mind you. That’s another planet. But the band and the lead singer in particular are crazy genius musicians. Loved their intricate arrangements & their use of all sorts of different instruments & sounds.

Not a bad way to start the long holiday weekend. Which I intend to spend alternating between more yard work, hiking  & book reading.

Have a safe & happy 4th!

Do I really need to act my age?


Because getting up at 3am to drive downtown to sit in line outside a theater box office for 9 hours with like minded Adam Lambert fans kinda sounds like a fun adventure! Thank you, Ticketmaster & StubHub scalpers for making this little outing *necessary* for fans who couldn’t afford to pay sky high markup and/or processing fees for mediocre seats. (that was sarcasm in case you didn’t catch it)

Behold – The Dawn Patrol Ticket Buying adventure!

It was seriously the fasted 9 hours to pass by ever. The two women already there were friends of Jan’s who she had met at Adam’s New Years Eve performance. They were funny & warm & so very easy to talk to – and to sing with – and to dance with :-) At a certain point we all pretty much forgot we were on a street corner in a major downtown city and were in our own little world of Adam. Heck, I was on my knees doing my impersonation of Adam on HIS knees as he sang Whole Lotta Love at Fantasy Springs (you know, when he looked RIGHT AT ME!) when a guy walked past on his way to an early morning job. Oopsie! After a couple of the gals had used a corner that they dubbed “the jungle” as a bathroom, I declared No Way Jose to that option and scouted around for indoor plumbing. Then remembered that Symphony Towers is home to a Sheraton and I went there & got permission for us to use their lobby facilities and we were set. One block up was a Starbucks. At 10am a Pizzeria & Deli opened up across the street & I had the best darn tasting meatball sandwich ever!

By 11:30 there were about 25 people lined up. The max you could purchase was 4 tickets. The venue had held back about 150 tickets from Ticketmaster and they would be taking phone orders at the same time as we were allowed in. Safe to say their 150 tickets were gone before I got back home! When they let us in, there were four ticket agents waiting for us so our little quartet was assured first choice of what they had. It still didn’t amount to what we would have liked (close floor seats), but the ticket agent who works there assured me twice these were the BEST seats he had and that symphony season ticket holders coveted that section particularly since it is dead center and hangs out over the floor seats. Best view of the full stage and from what we heard from my friend who saw Adam’s opening show last night, you want to get the full view. Lasers, smoke, a video screen with images displayed on the back wall. Dancers. Three costume changes. This is not JUST a rock star. This is a full fledged Entertainer :-)

The saga continues on concert day – July 28th for Costa Mesa and July 30th for this one. I intend to continue NOT acting my age at those shows!!

Blog Post of the week with bonus (we love Twitter) edition


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

May you be blessed with good weather and the time to enjoy some of the beauty around you. Remember to give thanks and honor those who have served and given the ultimate sacrifice for all we treasure here.

As my political friends pointed out – nice timing for taking a giant step towards repealing Dont Ask Dont Tell – just before a weekend when we honor those who’ve served & died. Don’t kid yourself that they were all straight eh? :-)

Well, there was lots of big finales on TV this week, but the one show that call all my friend’s attention was not even a season finale yet. Glee busted out probably it’s best episode of its short run – and there wasn’t even any Sue Sylvester in it! No, what made this episode an instant classic for many of us was one, critical scene. No, not even a song, but a fantastic rant by one character on behalf of another.

Erica dedicated a post just to this episode along with video of The Scene. I think she summarizes it certainly much better than I can :-)  BGAI Together – He is my son (with special video clip from Glee)

She is right that if you have a heart, you will need a tissue.

The bonus blog post of the week is more personal – plus it has to do with Adam Lambert which makes it automatically glittery  :-)

Making a Teen Girls’ Dream Come True unfolded last night over Twitter.  My connection to Debbie is through DailyKos. I have never met her, but we have mutual friends who I have met. Clearly we all don’t tweet about just one topic though. Debbie has mentioned her niece’s love of Adam before and I’ve mentioned to her that I can relate! But then that switched from fun banter to – hey, she’ll be back in CA when Adam is in Orange County and where can I maybe get tickets for her? Well, I knew from experience that the initial online sales had been almost impossible through. The scalpers got nearly everything and were now re-selling the originally reasonably price seats for double. I got lucky because I had connections to someone who DID get through and grabbed tickets at face value. But I also knew there were still a few folks out there with extras so when Debbie asked, I immediately thought of swan2029 who has been on my Adam buddy list for a few months now and had face value tickets. Well, as you can see from Deb’s post, the hookup worked!

So now when I drive up to Orange County on July 28th, here is who I will be meeting or going with:

  1. My son (MM who has been completely corrupted with my Adam adoration)
  2. One of my young buddies from the Padres blog, who also has a love of Adam will be riding along
  3. Meeting Jan & Kathleen there (Fantasy Spring, Jan originally from American Idol tour stop)
  4. Meeting Swan2029 (might meet her before that actually as now there is a San Diego date & she’s driving in to get tickets onsite)
  5. Meeting a gal from Malaysia who I chat with a lot on twitter
  6. Meeting the lady from the Adam fan site who sold me my son’s ticket.
  7. Meeting Deb’s niece & whoever brings her to the concert.

All people who (other than my son & Padres pal) – I would NEVER have met if not for Adam Lambert! Crazy huh?