Middle School begins


Heading out to walk to school. He had to get there at 7:45 to pick up his schedule. The rest of the time first bell is not until 8:25 so we can relax a little more. Sweet Prince told me he remembers being so nervous the night before school started, especially at this age. I think SportsBoy was a bit nervous because he took about 5 bites of his cereal and then said he wasn’t all that hungry :-) He did sleep though thanks to the Saturday sleep over when he essentially did not sleep! He was wiped out when he went to bed last night. Sheer brilliance on the part of the school IMHO – today is also picture day! The kids are there early, in their new clothes (except for mine of course!) and excited about the new year. Yes, I really did deprive my child of new school clothes. No reason to – he doesn’t grow! We cleaned out his clothes and he still has plenty to start out the year that fits. Plus, he’s a boy. Thank heavens.

We walked up, met his best friend out front, and they went in and got their schedules. No classes together, but at least they didn’t seem too bummed about that. They were more concerned about getting out the map of the campus and figuring out how to get to their first period classes! I left them there with instructions to SB to text me when he starts walking home and then to call me at work when he gets there.

While I was waiting for the boys to come out with their schedules, I watched the wave of 1400 kids troop in and out of the auditorium. Girls squeeled as they greated each other with exaggerated hugs. Boys huddled over here in their own much quieter huddle trying to look cool and confident. Oh my! One 8th grade boy was 6 feet tall! Boys with crackly voices. Girls with makeup and…boobs!! Ack! Cell phones flipping open with flair as they tried to find each other. (the rule is they go off at first bell and can come back on at last bell and any found ‘on’ during the day will be confiscated so the kids use them like mad until that first bell obviously.) A very different scene from the last 7 years.  OTOH, I laughed out loud as I watched the assistant principle standing at the drop off line, waving his arm and yelling “PULL FORWARD! PULL FORWARD!” as one minivan stubbornly ignored him and stopped several car lenghts short to drop off their load of kids. He just shook his head and I laughed and told him how I had done that last year at the elementary school and that it was clear some parents NEVER learn!! He said that morning drop off is his most frustrating part of the day which when you consider he deals with these 1400 middle schoolers…well…that’s just pathetic! When our generation wonders why “kids these days” have a sense of entitlement – look in the mirror parents, look in that mirror.

Move 2008 week 34 + The Big Sleepover


Quick stats: 30 mins aerobics 5 days of the week + 5 toning/weight routines. All soreness attributed to Wii use has dissipated so hopefully those new muscle groups are getting used to being put to the test!

The Big Sleepover:

So yesterday was the first Saturday of many over the next 3 months that will be dominated by Pop Warner. We met the team at the high school at 1:00 and caravaned off to our favorite place – Temecula – for weigh in certifcation. This is done to make sure the players are all within the approved weight range for their divisions. As with last year, we had a few bigger boys who were working hard to get themselves down to the maximum and they all made it! Phew. First hurdle of the season passed. It is then our team’s rite of passage to head over to Texas Lil’s for ribs to celebrate. Good food and company and a toast to the start of the season and things were rolling along. Somehow, as we all gathered out in the parking lot to make sure the kids who had carpooled over were properly covered for the trip back home, the notion of a massive sleepover to blow out the last weekend of summer came about. A head count of 14 boys was taken and the moms’ eyes all widened and we knew the host family would need help. The team mom is the hostesses best friend (and was the instigator of this plan) so she offered to stay the night with them. I offered to stay up until bed time and there you had it. All sanity had been set aside and literally half the team roster was going to sleep (hah!) over at one house! One hour later we are sitting in the backyard as the boys play basketball:

The plan was to wear them out since they had spent most of the day riding in a car or eating. So after basketball they moved on to the very awesome pool:

Notice the dog in the photo – he was having a blast running alongside the pool catching water splashes. He never barked, just ran up and down the edge keeping an eye on things. He had also ‘refereed’ the basketball and by the time we went inside to have the boys shower and dry off after the pool, he was passed OUT in the hallway. He had not seen that much activity ever at his house and he was not ready for it :-)

We ordered pizzas and the boys settled long enough to scarf those down (apologize for the poor quality, but this is me fudging around with my camera settings and blowing it!)

I chose this photo because you can see the hostess mom and the team mom (on the right) giving the boys instructions/rules for the rest of the night. The last item on the wear-the-boys out agenda was a night hike. At 9:30 we set out with flashlights and sticks – because Team Mom had warned the boys about snakes and coyotes and other creatures of the night. I brought up the rear with the most powerful light and kept counting heads. Naturally a few boys decided to hide and jump out periodically but I managed to catch them doing it each time so I knew where they were. On one part of the trail was a footbridge over a dry creek bed and I saw a couple boys go hide under it up ahead so I told the boys who were trailing behind with me and one of them threw a tennis ball we had found so that it landed right in the bushes next to the ones hiding. Oh boy did they squeal and run out from under there fast!! Turned the tables on those bush jumpers. The hike lasted over an hour and really was a hoot. A definite team building experience.I knew they would be in for the night at that point so I left and got home around 11:30 just exhausted! But, that was nothing compared to the moms still there. I guess the boys played video games until midnight and then they put in a movie because Team Mom rightly predicted that they would start nodding off during that. Apparently my son was the only one up all the way to the end! So he had about 3-4 hours sleep ;-) When I got there to pick him up this morning, those poor moms looked beat and even Sportboy looked wiped out. All in all, a very fun way to end the summer.



I have no problem failing this test. Rambling Mom is the model of a 1930s housewife compared to me!


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

Of course I wear pajamas instead of a nightgown AND cook in said pajamas. And no, I don’t sew on buttons or repair holes in socks. Also don’t wear curlers to bed or…well…you get the picture!

Move 2008 – week 29 update


I know, you are laughing thinking “what moving in Austin?” Let me tell you  – plenty! First of all I made sure to do my arm routine all three days I was at home and to walk each day at work twice a day. Then…oh the walking I have done here! Wed night I walked at least 15 blocks to dinner. Then Thursday we walked at least that many again travelling to the capitol building and then to the bars at night. Yesterday was the all sit down day and only walking about 3 blocks. Today I got in another 8 blocks or so – and these are looong blocks. (I’m writing this late Sat night so my days might seem off) Sunday I will be doing some walking but then on a plane in the evening until 8:30pm. Monday its back to the routine.

It’s been wonderful. I’ll have still more pics from tomorrow I am sure, but really, with the bulk of it over (sniff), I have had a really fantastic time.

NN09 – Aug 13-16 in Pittsburgh. I cannot afford it and the timing for work and Sports Boy is horrid. But I refuse to rule it out because it now ranks up there with the Aug moms gatherings and I cannot imagine missing out.

Move 2008 – Week 26


Do any other cat owners have one of these? I call him Bathroom Cat. He can frequently be found either in the shower or else on the floor in front of the shower. Mostly in it though. Always in my bathroom too. More oftne than not when I go in there to use it, he is there. Sometimes he startles me because he is sitting behind the shower doors and I don’t know he is there until he coos.

I should not have jinxed myself last week by predicting good totals. I still managed just 2 aerobics and 3 strength sessions this week. My weight routine consists of 150 reps in chuncks of 20 or 30 with each muscle group in the arms. I pretty much adapted it from the machines I used at Curves which did do a very good job of sculpting my arms. I started at the beginning of the year with just 100 reps, so as I feel myself gaining strength, I add reps. Pretty soon the arm routine will count as another aerobic session because I do get my heart rate up doing it, I just don’t sustain it for 20-30 minutes like I do with my pure aerobic routine on the pedals or walking.

It’s a gorgeous day and I *should* be (and would rather be) doing yardwork, but I pretty much put off the accounting work for pop warner the last month and then we just finished baseball club tryouts this morning so I need to get all that put together. I am hoping for a do nothing day over the 3 day weekend coming up in order to play in the yard.

No word yet from the world traveller! I usually don’t hear from him right away, but I do expect a call or email within the week.

Checking out a new restaurant tonight with Food Gal and Sweet Prince. I predict that a review will be in order for Day 1 of NaBloPoMo food month ;-)

Random Monday


  • I’m listening to Air America and the host Ron Kuby is doing a segment on the media’s obsession with “flip flopping” this election cycle. Where did I hear that before? :-)
  • Did I mention the mosquito bites? The ones I got Friday evening while chatting outside in the twilight? Oh, they look horrible and they itch! What I want to know is – why? Growing up I was the one who never was bitten. In recent years though, apparently I taste a lot better to the little suckers. And when I do get bit, the area gets all angry pink and almost blistery. They are always on my legs and when I get up to walk the increased blood flow makes them itch like mad. I keep putting Benadryl cream on those, then of course the aloe on the sunburn. Yeah, I’m a mess. Somehow managed to sleep ok last night though.
  • Tomorrow is SB’s last day in town so I am taking he and his buddy to the county fair for fun rides and really greasy food. Then SB and I will go to the Padres game. I *will* take a picture of our favorite ride at the fair this year!
  • After listening to a rousing testimonial from one of the baseball moms about Dream Dinners, I went online and signed up. My first time there to pick up my meals will be July 2. I thought I would try it out in July when it is just mostly me and SP who will be eating. I can experiment with smaller portions and figure out what SB would like. It just seems like a great way to still serve good dinners at home once the little guy returns and we go head first into football season.
  • Book recommendation: Eat This, Not That! I read through almost all of it this weekend and it has some really good, easy to remember tips about how to maintain healthy eating habits at your favorite places and also which basic food items are better than others when you shop. Some of it is was pretty surprising! For instance, Chick-fil-A has no single sandwich on it’s menu that is over 500 calories. McDonald’s Bic Mac is tons better in a pinch than just about anything from Burger King. And so it goes. Great advice!

“Stupid should hurt”


The title is a tweet I received this morning from Terry (twitter name shortstack81) that made me chuckle all morning. No kidding Terry! I so GET the emotion behind that quote. Especially this past three months at work while covering the vacated job I dealt with all manner of stupid. And it *did* hurt – it hurt ME! Grandy blogged a bit about this today too which prompted me to leave a comment there about someone I encountered who had me truly flabbergasted. I decided the full conversation was worthy of a post :-)

Disclaimer: I am not so full of myself that I do not know, for a fact, that I have been stupid myself. In fact, see yesterdays post!! As often as I mutter under my breath about somebody at the store, or on the road, or whatever, I try to follow it up with…”and I am sure you irritated someone else in just the same way before.” Because, you know, as hard as it is for an only child to digest, the world does NOT (dammit) revolve around me (huge disappointment). However, I think I can declare with some confidence that I have not ever pulled anything quite like this. This is over email – so we are talking basic reading comprehension skills – with a freaking master teacher who teaches our kids AND mentors new teachers – aaaaack!! Ok, so another disclaimer: Yes, I know that this guy is not representative of all teachers. In fact, it blew me away because all of the teachers who have taught my boys have pretty damn sharp. But, I digress. enough disclaimers! It is what it is!

(Names are changed to protect the guilty)

IP (illiterate professor as I ended up thinking of him): I need you to help me get my paycheck. Steve (payroll manager) referred me to you because he had not received anything on my intern observations. Do you have anything in the que?

Me: I’m sorry, but no, I don’t have anything for you. When did you turn it in?

IP: So, what so I do?! I need to get paid!!

Me: When did you turn it in?

IP: I don’t know – months ago.

Me: Ok, then you need to talk to the person you gave it to, you are here in San Diego so that was probably Joan, correct? If so, please call her, perhaps she has copies.

IP: So I should contact payroll?

Me: No, you should contact Joan. I don’t have anything, therefore payroll does not have anything.

IP: Ok, I’ll contact Steve.

Me: I don’t think that will do any good. You need to call Joan.

IP: You are the only one who can help me! Please tell me what to do to get paid!

Me: CALL JOAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IP: So, I should call Steve?


I need some ginko


Right? Isn’t that the stuff to keep your mind sharp? Well, I need it because mine is as dull…well…let’s just say that I stopped typing right there at the word dull because I got an email here at work which needed a quick reponse, then I completely forgot I started this while having my morning yogurt break and I went right back into my spreadsheet leaving this open for about 30 mins…yeesh!! Summer brain is set! For your amusement value, here is the list of utter space cadet things I have done since Saturday – notice how they are all on the topic of the one thing I should be good at since it is my freaking career (!!) :

  1. Used my debit card at the grocery store Saturday and put in for cash back since I was down to $3 in my wallet. Left without getting the $20 or even noticing! In fact, did not notice until Sunday. Thankfully the grocery store was able to audit the register from that day (after I dug the receipt out of the trash) and gave me the $20 yesterday.
  2. Wrote a check on Saturday for a baseball coach. Knew I would see him Monday am so I put it in my wallet. Got to the baseball camp Monday and searched all over the bank bag I use for my treasurer stuff. Could not find the check and wrote another one mumbling to myself the whole way that I knew I had written one!! Sure enough, find the check in my wallet later that day. Sure, I saved the club a stamp, but I wasted a check. Grrrr.
  3. Had to write another reimbursement check for that manager and started to use my own checkbook instead of the club’s.
  4. Had to write a refund check for a pop warner player who dropped and screwed up on the dollar amount, creating another voided check.

I have no excuse either. The scheduling mania is finally over. Feb-June 12th.  Perhaps this is the kick back? My brain is just *done*. At least Sportsboy now has tickets for his vacation. June 24-July30. Unfortunately, that is not MY vacation plan and I do need to work! So, excuse me Ms gray matter but I need you to wake up!!

I blame the cats


My plan this morning was to walk to complete my chores. Walk to Starbucks, walk to the PO box, walk to the dry cleaners. The dry cleaner part was going to make it a challenge because I have a lot to drop off. But, I could manage it spread out between two of my reusable grocery bags. I was just finishing up reloading my Starbucks card online, when I heard Chip scratching around in the litter box. Then I remembered – litter! It is badly needed. There is no way I can carry a box of litter back from the store. Way too heavy. Thus endeth my grand plan to combine gas saving/exercise. Darn cats.