Under Construction

Ok, Alto2 got me curious so now I am playing with the new Blogger Beta. This may take awhile as ai play with the features. I do like that changing templates will be so much easier and I like being able to change the colors and fonts more freely too.

The floor is done, but I dont have time to take pics! Actually, I want to take them in the daylight with the furniture all back in place. That wont happen until tomorrow night completely. We brought some things in last night, but since I am going to the game tonight, the finishing touches will have to wait for tomorrow. When we walk in the door now, we all say “wow”!

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  1. No time to take pictures?!! No fair….you tease us for all this time then make us wait. I am SO jealous—if I didn’t have college tuition, DH & I have talked about doing the same thing. Ripping out that G*d-awful ceramic tile in the foyer, the linoleum in the kitchen, and the carpet in the family room and putting down hardwood or at least laminate that looks like hardwood. Except we’d hire someone else to do it 🙂 We may end up doing it anyway because I know that if/when we sell this house, which I anticipate may be in the next few years, it will need new flooring—so why not get something we enjoy NOW rather than for the “new people” which is what we’ve done for every other house. And if we end up staying longer, great..more time for us to enjoy it. Now I just need the money fairy to visit 🙂


  2. I know – I am mean :-> I just didn’t want pics of the floor with all the dust, so I am cleaning. Maybe in between taking Alex to football practice and leaving for the game this afternoon. I have a feeling the finished product will convince you to seriously plan on it!


  3. No Vons!! Must save that $$ for Maine. We have “soaks” to pursue and suds to quaff while we’re there.

    Use some of that restraint to continue training for the 3-day. BTW, did they register my contribution? And, take some photos, dammit!


  4. Bina, your floors look great!

    I haven’t been around, but I will be. Please be around sweetie. I’m gonna need it for a spell… Hugs and smooches to you!


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