3-day walk report, Day 1

Well the font should be pink, but then it would be *really* be hard to read so this mauve will have to do.

Oh man today was SLOW! Did not walk into camp until 4:45. Started at 7:40am though. Tomorrow I will get to camp to eat breakfast before 5:30 and hit the route when it opens at 6:00am. I *must* be done by 2:30-3:00 in order to get home, shower, and eat something before leaving for Murietta. Nick will be off work at 4:00 so he is joining me up to see Alex’s last Mighty Mite game of his career.

Lowlights of the day (let’s be real, walking 20+ miles there are some lows!)

Temps went from very cold during opening ceremonies to hot during the day. I had to shed two layers on the route. At lunch, a crew member was offering to take excess clothing off people’s hands and bring them to camp. Well, my stuff wasn’t there when I checked!! Grumble.

I developed my first ever blister on a 3-day! Bottom of my 4th toe on my right foot. Arrrgh!! Consequently I walked incorrectly on that foot for the last 10 miles and now the right pinkie toe and outer bone area are sore. Sigh. Blister has burst, skins is cleaned, neosporin and bandaid applied. I will have to try a couple different sock/shoe combinations for tomorrow. When I am supposed to go fast. Grumble.

I bit into an apple incorrectly and now the place where the fillings were done is all sore again. Grumble.

Ok, enough of that! Highlights!

It was freaking gorgeous today! Since we started late and were totally bunched up forcing a much slower pace, I took lots of scenic pics of my fine city. We went from the Del Mar Fairgrounds where we watched the sunrise, up Torrey Pines hill, down La Jolla Scenic, had lunch at The La Jolla Shores park, walked along the beach in La JOlla, then through the Bird Rock area into Pacific Beach and entered the Mission Bay boardwalk at Fanuel Park just as the sun was starting to set. Rather than try and post all the pics here, I will create a kodak album once the walk is over and link to it from here.

I found the Little League mom and her cousin during the Opening ceremonies and walked with them. Since pace today was not critical it was nice to have company. I found out that this mom belongs to an Oct 97 birth list! So we shared stories of our mom groups 🙂

The Walk is everything I remembered it to be and I am so thrilled that I found a way to slide it into my schedule this year. The cheering groups all the way were so inspiring. The creativity in attire and signage just cracked us up all day! Think of it this way – all weekend it is totally acceptable to talk about titties!! There was a support vehicle that had painted on it’s side 1-800-dial-atit. Ok, too many digits, but loved it! Another van was covered in pink milk jugs. Jugs! Get it? The jugs van! Ahem. Anyway, all euphamisms for breasts were seen and totally accepted. Men can talk about boobs all weekend and not get slapped during the 3-day! One sign read “Hoofing it for headlights!”

When I got up to the top of Torrey Pines hill, 10 of my co-workers were up there waiting to cheer me on. I’d worn my NU shirt (now lost apparently!) to honor their donations and it was so nice to have them come out.

Anyway, time to shut it down. I slept only an hour last night. Too amped as always! I think I will sleep much better tonight! I am glad that I chose to come home. I did the tent/camp life thing the first two times. I don’t feel like I am missing anything being at home instead. More tomorrow if time permits! Thanks for all the well wishes.

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  1. Brava on a great Day 1! Keep up the good work. Sending you good podiatric wishes for Days 2 and 3. Maybe your things will show up yet. One trick my long-distance walking BFF does for the Disney marathon is layer up with clean leaf bags in the early AM, that way she can just shed them and forget them. It was my idea!


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