Knees are still stiff and painful when I first get up from sitting for any length of time, but the blisters are fine. I went to the closing ceremonies on Sunday. Hung around cheering for walkers and then finally got the courage to go on in myself. I still felt like I didn’t belong since I didn’t complete the walk. But as usual, people are so supportive at this even that it was a non-issue. I am glad that I did dive into it at the end. Petco Park was the perfect place for us to finish and was a lovely backdrop for the end of the event. $11.3 million was raised in San Diego! Wow!!

Second filling done today – not as bad as the first. I even made it without valium 🙂

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  1. There were around 4600 participants and 500 crew. The all-volunteer crew also have a certain dollar amount which they have to raise though it is not as high as the walkers. Our minimum was $2200. So that really makes sense. 4600*2200 = 10.1 million right there. They guarantee that 85% of what we raise goes direct to the Foundation.


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