‘Cause the walls start shaking
The earth was quakin’
My mind was achin’
And we were makin’ it and you –

Shook me all night long
Yeah you shook me all night long

— AC/DC 

The above quote perhaps seems out of place for one of my football game summaries; however, since AC/DC Back in Black is the CD of choice to listen to as we drive to games, it is in fact entirely appropriate!

Today, the Temecula Valley….uh… wait, odd as it was, we played today as the “home” team at a field located just 3 minutes from our house called Ed Burke stadium at Torrey Pines High School. Could it be that we really ARE the Torrey Pines Golden Falcons? At any rate, the Golden Falcons remained un defeated in either Temecula Valley or Torrey Pines with a 13-6 hard fought victory over Poway this afternoon for their first playoff game victory. Yes, this was a win or go home game as they all will be from here on out. This was the same Poway team that they defeated 32-6 in week two and they are *much* improved as Coach kept warning the boys all week in practice. It really showed. Their defensive line really dominated the offensive line most of the game with the exception of a few key plays, two of which resulted in scores. #33 finally broke free on a running play and scored the first touchdown so that put them up 7-0 after the extra point. Then, #55 (Sportsboy) had a very cool catch and run. He had to leap a bit and reach out to catch the pass, which I never doubted he would do. A couple of passes previously attempted had been dropped or missed by other receivers and he just doesn’t miss if it is anywhere within his reach. But even better than the great catch was the run after! As one family member behind me said after, it was like he was a pinball! Run a few yards, *bing*, bounce off a defender and change directions, run a few more *bang*, change direction again, run some more *bong* and stumble and catch his balance and run some more! I think it was at least 4 bounces off defenders and changes in direction with stumbling and breaking free of some of those defenders hands! It ended with him finally being brought down at about the 8 yard line. Unfortunately, Poway’s defense responded with a great goal line stance. Dang!! Still, it was a highlight reel play for #55 that we will all remember proudly. The next possession the Golden Falcons made another great pass play to #14 who ran in for the score putting them up 13-0 which the extra point was missed.

On defense, our team was also dominant. I’d instructed Sportsboy before warm ups to make sure he was “all over the ball” on defense. Which means if Poway decided they could pass to his side, they better be sorry J Well, they tried, and he did make them switch strategies! He knocked down two passes, the completed one in front of him, but for no gain as he brought the receiver down on the spot and the got his hands up front of the receiver another time, then he also recovered a fumble when the other defender on his side (#12) knocked the ball away after it was caught. Finally, Poway passed to the *other* side of the field and completed one for a touchdown. 13-6. Then, our team had to put up a goal line stand. Special Teams were a bit of an issue this game and provided Poway with great field possession three times. The last time after a blocked punt which they recovered inside the 5 yard line! The defense stood strong though and while the fans in the stands had their hearts in their throats and made as much noise as we could, they stopped them 4 times. Awesome!

So now they have earned a berth in the semi-final round. On Tuesday night. We don’t know where yet and I think this team has proven it wont really matter.

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  1. Best of luck to Sportsboy and his Golden Falcons. My son plays flag football. He was declared too big to play tackle!


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