A tribute

Funny how things work out. A year ago I had no idea who Benazir Bhutto was. Then I saw a feature story and interview of her on Dan Rather Reports in August of this year. That sparked my interest and I perused the internet and found out more about this courageous lady. I followed her journey back to Pakistan with great interest, hoping, as I know US officials hoped as well, that she would be elected as Prime Minister again and would provide a balance of power towards President Musharraf’s extreme anti-democratic tendencies.  While clearly  her earlier reign of power was not without controversy (corruption charges against her husband which Musharraf agreed to drop to allow her return), her major asset was her ability to thwart terrorist factions, something she had done successfully while in power. I know it was hoped worldwide that she would influence Musharraf and the military to go back to that hard line stance against Al Queda in her country. I know too, that she knew she was taking her life in her hands in going back, but that clearly it was a risk she had to take in order to bring her country hope and democracy and freedom from terrorists. Interestingly, after I turned off the last tv report on her death and switched back to reading Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton, I reached the chapter on the trip to southeast Asia that she made with Chelsea in early 1995. Hillary’s  first person impressions of Bhutto closely mirrored my own just reading about her from afar. It just further solidified to me that the world lost a great leader yesterday – a woman who loved her country and it’s people enough to risk her life for it.


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