Some things I love about WordPress


The document above shows screen shots of some of my favorite features of WordPress. As I hinted in a post yesterday, I switched hosting sites originally to escape an unwanted obsessed reader – that worked great because luckily said stalker also is not too technologically bright (anonymous all-cap comments – flashbacks to AOL in the ’90s!). Over time though, I have some to really love it here! Perhaps Blogger has added some of these features since I left, but there was certainly nothing like these just 6 months ago there and now I cannot imagine blogging without them.

Since a lot of my blogging friends also wandered on over within the past year, I thought I would share some of the stuff that I found which is kinda cool. Bearing in mind that I am fully aware of my Geek status and therefore more prone to investigate all the nooks and crannies in a program.

The first two screen shots shows you some new features on the stats pages for a site. There are these cool new summarize links which allow you to see top referrers and posts for varying time frames. Mine shows all time stats for both which indicates that the majority of my readers are using the Google Reader program (one of those Things I Love!).  Top posts include all your pages so my About page is coming in #1. Puts pressure on me to keep adding to it which I have not done in a few weeks! The top blog post itself is not surprisingly the previously mentioned There Is No Crying in Football which still gets a hit every single day. Fascinating. Below that we see a lot of Christmas period posts which must have been when all of us had a lot of time on our hands to blog surf! Anyway, check out these views on your own pages – it’s pretty fun.

The next screen shot is the My Comments tab. Another great feature which solves the problem of responding in comments – at least within Word press. It displays comments you have left and then recent comments in the same thread. I go back here to see if anyone has responded to a comment I left recently. So much more efficient than trying to remember where I commented and clicking back through one by one!

The last shot is of the WordPress dashboard that you see when you first sign in to your blog. Check out the top right hand box unher What’s Hot and then News. That is where I find the latest greatest stuff added to WordPress. Always glance at that and see if there is something new. That’s where I found those falling snowflakes that they added in winter for instance.

There is only one feature that I miss from Blogger – Javascript. Because that is disabled in the free version of WordPress, I don’t get the full spectrum of stats from my site meter account. It also means that there are some dynamic widgets that wont work – such as having the flickr pictures randomly rotate or displaying my Goodreads bookshelf directly on the sidebar or other things such as Twitter updates (not that I use that anymore, but when I was experimenting with it there was again no dynamic link that worked). Anyway, those are minor irritations to me when compared to the cool stuff!

Thus endeth the blogging lesson 🙂

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