First, a gratuitous Amber pic because she just looks so damn cute utterly passed out in the sun in her little kitty condo:


OK, feeling better after a shower and successfully sending Sportsboy off with a buddy to his tournament games. Oh, and a Starbucks mocha..those *really* help shake off the cobwebs and annoyances 🙂 So now I am home and planning the evening and am delving into the world of Styx. As I sat at my desk to go on Rhapsody to download some of their tunes, I kicked a pile of albums that has been on the floor under my desk since the post Christmas garage clean out. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with these and have yet to take the time to come up with a solution. And what is right on top? A Styx album! Memories flood back and I realize that I probably have their entire collection at least through Mr Roboto in that pile. Sure enough:


How cool is that? Lookit those funky ass album covers!! Don’t they just *scream* 1970s??? The only one missing – which I know that I did have at one time – is Paradise Theater. I think I may just have played that one into the ground 🙂 Now, why did I adore Styx back then? Given how harshly they were always panned by critics and just about everyone else in my peer group at the time, what was I thinking eh? Well, I obviously did not know any better, but I remember that I just loved Dennis DeYoung’s voice. I loved their use of synthesizers and the way their albums were almost like classic rock opera fantasy stories, a genre they dabbled in first with Grand Illusion (at least, IMHO). That album was released on 7/7/77 which captured my imagination for whatever reason and I still remember playing that ad nauseum in my bedroom of the house in Westminster. Come Sail Away…oh I love it (it’s playing right now!).

I thought that they were angels, but to my surprise, we climbed aboard their starship, and headed for the skies.

With lyrics like that, no wonder they were panned! OTOH since this came out the same year that Close Encounters of the Third Kind was released, maybe it all does make sense 😉

To be fair, on the same album is Miss America with lyrics like this:

In your cage at the human zoo, they all stop to look at you, next year what will you do, when you have been forgotten?

The album *was* called Grand Illusion for a reason and each song somehow touches on the surface illusions of life and how much of what we see of people and situations has many more layers than are readily visible. Take THAT critics! Styx was *deep* 🙂 Ok, and a little over the top too.

I got to see them in concert sometime during high school – I think my junior year when I found the only other 3 fans and we saw them on their Paradise Theater tour. And it literally was in a theater somewhere here in downtown San Diego and our seats were up against the ceiling! But that was my first rock concert ever which, like your first love, you just never forget. I know that it wont be the same tonight since Dennis DeYoung is no longer with them, but cute little Tommy Shaw is still there and I know the songs will still be a trip down memory lane. Oh here, check out this video of Too Much Time on My Hands. Truly nothing more cheesy and early 80s is there?:

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  1. I came to sort of like this group, just from your description. And that’s the point, right? If they had meaning and value to you than they were as good as the greatest rock band. Screw the critics, anyway, telling people who they should and shouldn’t like. Critics are the anti-art.


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