Move 2008 – Week 16 update

Obligatory Sunday post for Robin, LSM and I šŸ™‚

No pedaling again, but I did go on a long hike Friday with NO sore joints or muscles after – yay! I did 4 arm routines and I know this sounds nuts, but I kind of *feel* my arm muscles now – does that make sense? My upper arms just feel stronger. So if I *lower* my goals and shoot for not being entirely sedentary, then I passed!! Oh, and I did set up the heart monitor watch and figure out that a pretty vigorous weight routine does get my heart rate up, but it doesn’t sustain it long enough. Hula hooping does keep it going, but not at as high of a rate. Pedaling or walking/hiking is of course still the best for that.

Get out there and enjoy the spring people!! Join in for Moving! Jump in whenever you want – just get yourself going and get that heart rate up.

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