Move 2008 – week 17 update

Did anyone else notice the new feature on WordPress? I got curious when there were two visits earlier today from other wordpress sites that I had not heard of before. Lo and behold, they had traveled here thanks to the “Potentially related posts” feature that searches Word press for posts that may be related to yours. That was cool! I found two sites that I spent a little time reading this morning that otherwise would never have been on my radar. Love it! However, I wonder why the post I published last night did not have the same thing? Must still be new and kind of hit and miss? Anyway, if you use word press, watch for that. Could be another fun way to find new sites. Because we all have so much time for that eh?

Meanwhile, on the Move08 front, I did marginally better than last week. Which means I kept up my arm routines (3) and did pedal once for 35 minutes. I have high hopes for next week as Sportsboy will be with his dad, I have no major meetings to go to or deadlines to meet so I *should* be keeping normal hours and have time in the evening to do arms and pedal. Tune in next week to see if I am being overly optimistic!!

Posting this late Saturday, setting it for publish Sunday morning. I’ll be at pop warner evaluations from 7-4 tomorrow. Yes, 7am. On a Sunday. Sportsboy is thrilled. (that was sarcasm folks).

4 thoughts on “Move 2008 – week 17 update

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  1. 7am?? Yikes!

    I like the new feature, too, with one exception: I’m not sure I have the time for more blog reading! Ah well, it’s fun to at least go have a look especially when I get curious about things such as why a possibly related post to this one is: Fox News Reports on Attacks. Are exercising women being attacked or on the attack?? 😉


  2. Move 08!! Woo! Kudos for keeping up with your arm routines & pedaling!

    I went for a bike ride this weekend and started climbing 9 flights of stairs at work (we were just moved from the 7th floor). Today I went to the gym for the first time in two weeks & have dance class tomorrow. Here’s to more updates.


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