Move 2008 – week 18 update

Quickie post in between SportBoy’s morning baseball game and a very very needed grocery run (seriously, my cupboards are so bare that I wiped down two shelves yesterday after only moving about 5 items!!).

Well, the double work load is impacting my moving now. Not just time, but also with injury. The right side of my back seized up while driving home Friday. I’ve stretched it as much as I could each day, but even now it still hurts (though it is better). But it impacted my exercise plans for the weekend.  So I only did 3 arms routines and 2 pedal sessions which overall is not bad given that I was unable to do anything Friday or Saturday. I wont risk an arm routine today, but I will pedal as that doesn’t impact the back. I am pretty sure this came about due to my positioning at my desk again. This time it is not computer use, but actual handwriting which caused the problems. I have to go through and put accounting codes on over 900 documents each month and since I have not done that much writing in ..well..EVER, it is a different set of muscles being used. I end up not staying leaned back against the back of my chair which tightens up the middle of the back. Right handed, so it is the right side getting the workout. Coding them here at home ends up actually being better which is why I brought home a pile to take care of yesterday. Everyone thinks of desk jobs as sedentary, but oh no, it is not! You have to pay attention to how those muscles get used all the time. The good news is that the interview on Friday was a GOOD one. We all liked her and I think we will have her locked up next week, most likely with a start date near June 1. I can handle that. Just need to know mentally when this will end!

So much for a quickie post eh? 😉

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