Move 2008 – Week 19

That pretty much sums up my week. Tues-Friday the cold prevented me from working out. Yesterday there was no time though I was feeling 100%. Good thing I was able to do two full workouts (pedaling and weights) on Sunday and Monday!! One would think starting off the week with two workouts out of the gate that I could have had an impressive week of workouts. Or not. Oh well. I’ll get it started up again tonight.

A lovely Mother’s Day so far with SportsBoy bringing me breakfast in bed at 8:00am along with the Sunday paper so that I was able to lounge for about an hour. Then we walked together to Starbucks and after completing a few chores, I got to settle on the sofa to watch the Padres and snooze with the kitties. There is just something about a Sunday afternoon snooze with a baseball game on in the background and a cat on your legs that is the ultimate in relaxation for me. Now MusicMan is home from work and we will head out shortly for dinner with my parents. Heck, the Padres are even winning again. Small miracles!

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms and step moms out there.

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