Move 2008 – Week 21

Hey, looky there – Move 2008 is old enough to drink! Heh heh. Oh, I crack me up!!

Sorry, late Sat night humor after freezing my nose off at the Padres game with Sportsboy and his Miracle League group. Another loss of course. The Padres level of suckitude is reaching new highslows. The positive is that I got quite a nice walk and some major staircase movement in for the night. Good thing too because I sure took the lazy rainy day Sat thing seriously and did not pick up a weight or a hoop or push a pedal all day 🙂

I did get in 2 full workouts and one arms only work out in this week. That’s something anyway.

By the time I set this to post, we will be on the road to Temecula and the abbreviated tournament games. 2 games tomorrow which will determine when/if we play Monday. Even though I should be home in the early evening both days which means that I *could* work out…..well….don’t hold your breath ok?

4 thoughts on “Move 2008 – Week 21

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  1. I did an hour of strength training and an hour of Pilates this week. I’ve got to get back on board with the cardio! I did walk the three blocks to the neighborhood pool rather than drive yesterday. Does that count?


  2. LOL! Maybe we should take Move 2008 out for a drink, get it drunk, and then leave it somewhere.

    Week 21 has not been a good one for me. I’m hoping for Week 22 will see some improvement in exercise (and my attitude!).


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