Also belated – Move 2008 week 22

Home from the Baseball team party where the hostess plied me with vodka and chocolate until much later than I intended while Sportsboy grew gills in their swimming pool. Now he is passed out and I am about to do so with visions of him falling asleep backstage tomorrow night and the play director yelling to wake him up!! Nah, I am sure the adrenaline will keep him going tomorrow. He was very nervous when they did dress rehearsals in front of the school, but his baseball teammate who was in the audience told me he did great. I think performing in front of your friends is probably hardest – but I am still really excited about it all myself!!

Meanwhile I did move this week, barely. Two arm workouts and that is it. Pathetic, but I avoided utter failure. Truly this coming willl will be much harder!!!

Can someone please tell me what happened to May? Thanks.

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  1. I lost the month of May, too. I have no idea where it got to. (Why is it that the month of February, which I’m sure is the longest month of winter, never ever goes by as quickly as May??)


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