Welcome to Food Month!

I decided to practice for the full scale NaBloPoMo festivities taking place in November again by participating in the July food theme challenge. So I got myself onto their blogroll and here we go!

Restaurant review – WhisknLadle.  Sunday night SweetPrince and I met FoodGal there in the heart of La Jolla. A nice outdoor patio location on a warm summer night. Very nice setting. The restaurant has changed owners and names a few times, but the overall theme remains the same – the freshest local food they can find, presented very elegantly.

FG and I each ordered a cocktail. Mine was a Lavender Cosmo and hers was  the Smoked Pear & Vanilla Rum. Mine came with a fresh lavender sprig and was just delicious. Very light with just a hint of sweet. Hers though, was well…too cloyingly sweet! She described it as ‘dessert’ and stopped sipping it until dinner was over and even then I could tell it was just too much sweet for her.

FG is vegetarian and there were plenty of options for her to choose from the dinner menu. I should first state the menu was limiting. There was a large selection of what the waiter described as ‘appetitzers’ and just a few main entrees. For SP, it was a challenge because nothing really interested him. He is basically a meat and potatoes kind of guy though he also loves seafood and there was really nothing there for him – too much of a frou frou organic selection I think! However, I was quite happy as was FG. I ordered two appetizers – seered Maine scallops in a sweet corn salsa and then papperadelle bolognese. Just two large scallops on the plate and I shared one with SP. However, they were sooo good. Perfectly cooked and the light corn sauce was a great accent. The pasta was also very very good. The perfect amount of sauce to go with the pasta and, for me, the perfect serving size. FG ordered a mixed green salad and then cheese lasagna with fresh tomatoes and arugala pesto. I had a taste of that and it was good, but she had not paid attention to the arugala part (which she does not like) so she didn’t finish it all. SP ended up ordering the burger – which sounds mundane, BUT, it was a really big sirloin burger with a fried egg on top and..something else that I cannot remember. The shoestring fries that came with it were yummy. We all enjoyed the bread they put on the table. Perfectly crunchy on the outside, a hint of some sort of seasoning and grain and a nice warm center. We actually requested another service of bread in lieu of dessert!

I am not certain if it was the best food for the prices, given the limited menu and the serving sizes. As SP put it, yes the scallops were great, but they were bascially $8 each since the appetizer dish was $16! The location and atmosphere were lovely. The service was excellent – just the right amount of attention and very quick to respond to requests. The food was quite good, but not worth the price IMHO.


Still no word from Sportsboy. I emailed his dad this morning to see if he had heard anything. Apparently he received the first phone call yesterday and did remind SB to call or email his mom…still waiting! Little stinker is having too much fun 🙂

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  1. You know, for all the “perfects” and “yummys” in your post, it sounds to me like you might have gotten your $$ worth! There are too many places out there that don’t care about the contents of the food they’re cooking and give you way too much of a bland, over-caloried mess. It’s better to think that you’re paying a little extra for the thought, care, and artistry that the chef is bringing to your plate.

    With that in mind, I’m hoping that it was a master artisan who prepared your large, perfectly cooked, seasoned & sauced, but $8 scallop. 🙂


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