Confessions of an addict

Hi, my name is tpgoddess0103 and I am an Olympics addict.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics have been too much for me.

It all started on Opening Night. I tried to stay away. Didn’t set my DVR. Knew we would head out to dinner with a good chance I would miss large chunks of it (including the parade of athletes) therefore making it easier to just not watch.  Alas, it was not to be. Since when did sushi restaurants have 6 tvs?? All tuned in to NBC! There was no way not to see them! We were mesmerized by the sights even though we could not hear the sounds. So pretty. So enormous. So stimulating. What could I do?  I was hooked! I raced home ensuring I made it in time to watch the parade. I don’t care where you are from, it’s a fabulous event. The personal stories then start ensuring that you will tune in to see what the next chapter is for these atheltes who have overcome lord knows what (insert appropriate childhood illness/tragedy and/or prior atheletic disappointment here).

For the past 9 days and nights I have been attached to the tv and computer. I fall asleep to Bob Costas on NBC and wake up to Matt Vasgersian on USA. If I just can’t keep my eyes open (such as the night of the 4×100 mens freestyle relay or the night of the women’s all around gymastics finals), I get up the next day and watch the replay of the entire broadcasted event on my computer. Heck, last night I was watching the gymnastics on my computer with the live feed on the tv behind it (it was that super long swin event…no need to focus!)

Giving in fully to the knowledge that this addiction has a vise grip on me, here are the moments that made an impression on me:

  • Watching the women’s team archery final – yeah, archery! Rain was coming down, but the Korean women were tough as nails. And I marveled at the aparatus. Not quite the old bow and arrow anymore!
  • Badminton! When did that become as fast paced as table tennis?
  • Speaking of tennis – the pure joy on Roger Federer’s face when he won the doubles gold. This is the man who has dominated the tennis world for 5 years, who was knocked out of the singles event, but still fullfilled a childhood dream with that victory. Wonderful to see that he is not jaded.
  • Speaking of jaded…isn’t it nice how the US men’s basketball team is NOT this year? The Redeem Team is so far doing a great job of participating all around in the Games. They’ve gone out to watch other events such as the women’s basketball, the swimming and beach volleyball. No prima donas, no isolation, just full team participation. Well done.
  • Beach volleyball – well, it’s all about Walsh and May right? As of this writing they are undefeated and through to the semi final round. I’ve seen all of their matches and they really are amazing. Even more amazing though (ahem), are those outfits they have to wear! Honestly the smallest shorts I’ve ever seen. When they wear white I just want to put a towel around them!! Then they dive into the sand and I subconsiously start picking at my own underwear to get the sand out…’cause it’s there isn’t it? How could it not be? Yikes!
  • Trampoline? Did you see that? We caught some of it while out to lunch yesterday and – WOWZA! How fun did THAT look?? I like that waaaay better than stupid rhytmic gymastics (my apologies to anyone who loves that sport, but…zzzzzzzzz)
  • I’ve caught random snippets of team handball, rowing, water polo, indoor volleyball, soccer, field hockey and table tennis. Sports that I would never watch in off years, but in the Olympics? Thrilling!
  • Of course the top two sports in the first week were gymnastics and swimming. Thanks to the internet video replays, I’ve seen all the women’s events. Yes, my first thought upon seeing the Chinese team that first night was “isn’t there a minimum age limit?” Still, whatever their age, they truly do shine from top to bottom as a team. Of course, Lukin and Johnson placing top 2 in the overall was awesome. Especially given the talent of the Chinese team performing in their home arena. But really, the best part of the women’s events is when they go to Bela Karolyi in the studio with Bob Costas! He is sooo fiery and passionate and in your face with his cheering and with his disgust at perceived judges errors. “This is WRONG” he says pounding his fist on the desk! Love it! (On a side note, can someone please explain why they chinese girls needed 20 hair clips and the rest only needed 3? Thanks)
  • Swimming. Ah swimming. Where the US team earned a big ‘ol Kick ASS award! Led by the greatest swimmer ever, Michael Phelps. How much drama did he provide? 1/100th of a second? Really? They can measure that??!  Did you see the still shot of that butterfly final? The one showing Phelps touching the pad a hair’s breath in front? Miraculous. How much fun was it to watch his mom at every final? And his coach? I cannot imagine anything happening in the final week to knock him down as THE Top Athelete of these games.
  • Of course, I also love the ‘old’ ladies of their sports. Dara Torres and the German gymast Oksana Chusovitna. Torres won two silver medals at the ripe old age of 41 and Oksana won a silver in the vault at 33 years old. Both moms. Rock on old ladies!!
  • Usain Bolt winning the 100 meter dash last night. Hot dogging it and *still* breaking the world record. Hated that he hot dogged it. Love that one shoe was untied! Wish he had played it straight though and really shown what he could do. This was the stage for that. Kinda took some of the glow off the race for me.
  • On a generic note, you all shed a tear or two no matter how many times you see the flag raised and hear the anthem played and see the atheletes start crying, right? You can’t not!

I know that since I am typing this at 11:30pm (I mentioned the addiction issue, right), that I am forgetting many things. Track and field is starting up so it will be like a whole new games this week. Geez, the Jamaican girls just blew away the 100 meter dash. Dang. Ack! Stop watching! Need to sleep!!

So, ‘fess up friends. How addicted are you? What are your highlights so far?

10 thoughts on “Confessions of an addict

Add yours

  1. I’m only as addicted as network TV allows me to be (which means, without cable, I can’t see all the things you can, and thus, I’m mostly only watching in the evenings). We have been staying up, though, most nights to midnight. Highlights: Misty May and Walsh, of course. Men’s VB on one of the early nights, six men each side, US vs Venezuela. Womens (nay, Girls) Gymnastics was the best (all-around event, but I’ve watched it all), Phelps and Torres, of course, and that women’s marathon and the Romanian who broke away at 12 miles to go and HELD IT!? Amazing. See, pretty basic stuff on this end.


  2. ybonesy – see, I knew I would forget something! The marathon! That was so awesome to see the scenery and streets around the Bird’s Nest and then to hear the roar of the crowd as she entered the stadium at the end.


  3. Like Ybonesy, I’m only able to watch network TV (NBC) coverage, but it’s enough that I’m feeling severely sleep deprived. It will almost be a relief when it’s over and I can go to sleep before midnight once again. 🙂

    I think you and Ybonesy covered all the highlights for me. I can’t think of anything to add.


  4. I hope hope hope hope hope that Chicago gets 2016 (I know there’s a lot of city folks that hope just as much that the games don’t come here).

    And this goes out — officially — right now. My house, floor, basement, etc, ad naseum is hereby opened to all the august96 kids if they want to come and volunteer at the Olympics and need a cheap place to stay. We already told Chip he can have that summer off of “work” (he’ll be in college at the time and we’ll fully expect him to work summers to help pay his way) if he gets a chance to work at the games.

    I’m also going to print out every English language national anthem so if they flag for any country gets raised at least one person in the arena will be able to sing along with the winners.

    Advance Australia Fair

    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee

    God save the Queen

    (Matthew is asking for a 5 egg omelet for breakfast — “If I could be like Mike”)


  5. I’ve tried to moderate my Olympics watching. Mostly, I’ve been successful, but I have to admit that I watched the whole of the opening ceremonies twice – once live which I recorded then again with my beau.

    Caught all of Phelp’s swims, and fell in love with Dara. And, yes, that Romanian woman certained rocked the casbah (or the Chinese equivalent thereof). And when did shorts become bikini bottoms? Lord have mercy!

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of the week. I’m just hoping they show some syncronized swimming during the evening hours.


  6. (On a side note, can someone please explain why they chinese girls needed 20 hair clips and the rest only needed 3? Thanks)

    Princess has been all about watching the Olympics and pulling for the Chinese. Let’s just say she is doing up her hair, and her hair is now never in her eyes.

    GO CHINA!!!


  7. I wanted to let you know that we did see the Trampoline after all; I think it might have been just hours after I commented here. I thought it was a not-covered-by-mainstream-media event, and there the network had it that very evening. An amazing event. My husband and I were woozy just watching how high those girls went.


  8. And to LB’s comment about shorts-cum-bikini-bottoms, Misty Mae and Walsh’s latest white bikinis were the best yet. My husband said, I think they should just forego the clothing, it’s gotten so tiny anyways.


  9. Ybonesy – yes, it was the white ones which particularly drew my attention! Lord no – not WHITE! I mean, clearly it’s some good, thick material, but still..the potential for revealing things that should not be revealed…ACK!


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