Speaking of strange pathways

I was going to write a very poofy post about how much fun it is to take my car in to the dealer and have a loaner car for a few days. You know – the fun of change and something new temporarily and all that. FWIW – having even an older Mercedes means the dealership experience really is heavenly. They have long hours oncluding Saturdays and they *always* offer you a loaner which is almost always another Merceds. And in my case, since my car is older, the loaner is guaranteed to be a newer one. They are usually sporty and fun. though, always black. I hate black interiors and I always get one. Todays is silver/black. Anyhoo…..

Let me state before I go off on this topic, that I am aware that there are very very many wonderful churches and religions that are not like what I just stumbled upon. In fact, I was raised in one that is very accepting of all beliefs. Unfortunately, they don’t get the light shone on them as much as the others.

I signed into wordpress and saw this post on their main dashboard. And suddenly I am thinking much less poofy thoughts about organized religion and literal interpretations of the Bible. As much as the post – and another post the writer links to – bothers me, it is the comments that are really upsetting. Though one person writes very well about the struggles as a Christian to reconcile loving a sinner while hating the sin. Still…I absolutely do not GET how people can let ONE BOOK – written ages ago by flawed human beings – be their life and breath every single day. But..fine, c’est la vie right? You do what you need to do to get through life and many people need that. I do understand that completely. But what I DONT get is the underlying sentiment. Ok, perhaps not so underlying because one of the commenters actually SAYS it. Their complete belief that if the rest of us DONT believe, we are somehow less than they are. That we are not as loved by God as they are. THAT is what I find most offensive. The air of superiority. They actually justify being judgemental and condeming people! Makes my skin crawl. Makes my heart ache for the people who are the victims of their judgements. I will always stand up against this. Heh – perhaps another reason I am a liberal eh?

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  1. Hi,
    I was just arguing against that guy and then and I saw your comment, thank you for reminding me that there are still sane (contrary of insane, does this word exist in english?) people, somewhere, hidden, out there.


  2. with you, hon.

    of course, i’m a red sea pedestrian, so my mileage varies a bit. but at sunday school last week, one of the kids asked how (conservative) judaism reconciles evolution and the words of the bible… oh, and how about intelligent design, for good measure?

    rabbi said that the stories in the old testament is how we explain things from a jewish perspective, but evolution is the scientific theory/explanation. we can understand things (like the creation of the earth) in multiple ways. (and without going into it, she basically said she disagreed with intelligent design on so many levels. hehehehe.) i guess my point: it’s a big world, and people explain events/experiences/things in different ways.

    that being said, personally, i have never, and probably will never, understand when people take a book like the bible and consider it the absolute true word of G-d. to me, it’s a collection of stories, oral histories handed down over the ages and essentially codified. of course, i respect everyone’s right to believe what they believe, just as i hope they respect my beliefs.

    that being said, though, i will never, and i mean NEVER, understand why G-d would want anyone to persecute, malign, or shun someone who is different. being gay is akin to having blue eyes, or being short. it just is. you don’t “turn” gay; you simply are. and those people are just as much children of G-d as you and me. “G-d will convict” ? i don’t get that. not. at. all.

    love thy neighbor, anyone?


  3. As you may recall, I am a conservative but not religious. I read the linked post and disagreed with the opinion the author expressed, but it was his opinion and he is entitled to it.

    I find your ending “Makes my heart ache for the people who are the victims of their judgements. I will always stand up against this. Heh – perhaps another reason I am a liberal eh?” interesting. How are people “victims” of their judgments? I come from the point of view that people have different opinions, but their opinions do not “victimize” those they have opinions about. Just ingore them.

    I did not say opinions, I said judgments. Because the people there were passing judgment. And it is judgments like that which are used as an excuse to persecute gays. I am sure that gays, who are, yes, victims of judgments and condemnation from some religious groups, would just love to be able to ignore them!! Both the opinions and the judgments. To not feel the hurt caused by being made to feel as if they are less human, not worthy of God’s love, or counted as second class citizens.


  4. What many people don’t understand is that belief doesn’t make you a better or worse person. Fundies don’t get this and it bothers me to no end. Happy to not have that kind of people where I live.


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