Big Brother (Mama) is watching you!

Long term readers may recall that SportsBoy has a tendencey to, oh, not do his schoolwork. And then to lie about it. Happens at least once a year. Of course, in elementary school they coddled him a bit. Let him get away with turning in late work and still getting full credit. Until last year in 6th grade when his teacher finally got tough with him and he brought home nearly all C’s. One of the points she tried to make with him was that Jr High was going to kick his ass if he didn’t develop better homework habits. (Might be paraphrasing a little bit there).

Flash forward to 7th grade. First three weeks go by and..hey..he seems to not have the shit-ton of home work we thought he might have. Considering that he always starts off with a head of steam, I figured he must just have lucked out with a light load. But then I got a teensy bit suspicious. And THEN, I got access to this:

1 – Life Science – Y Tchr: Faist Grd: 7
# Show All Description Type Doc Score Max Date Completed Due Date Grading Complt
More Info Parent Signature Sheet Signed Homework 1 5 9/2/2008 9/2/2008 Yes
More Info Science Notebook Check Notebook 5 5 8/28/2008 Yes
More Info Lab Safety Quiz Quiz 17 20 9/2/2008 9/2/2008 Yes
More Info Autobiography Pictures Classwork 10 10 8/27/2008 Yes
More Info Unit A Vocab Quiz Quiz 8 10 9/15/2008 9/15/2008 Yes
More Info Pellagra Essay Homework 0 20 9/9/2008 9/9/2008 Yes
Type Points Max Perc Mark
Classwork 10.00 10 100.00 A+
Homework 1.00 25 4.00 F
Notebook 5.00 5 100.00 A+
Quiz 25.00 30 83.33 B
Total** 41.00 70 58.57 F
*Assignments are not counted until graded.
** Total based upon Total Points

See that last assignment? The one with the zero? See that top one? How frustrating is THAT? After one month he has an ‘F’ in science because of one missed assignment (oh, such a shock that it is an essay!) and one easy peasy item turned in late!!! And I mean EASY because he was with me that whole first week of school and I remember signing a sheet for every single class right away. Anyhow…the point is..check out what I can see!! That gradebook site is now one of my home pages and I check it every single day. There is also a tab with assignments, so as soon as I sign in to the grade site, I see which class has assignments due for the week. So tonight after I made sure he completed that essay above (with a very slim chance the teacher will give him credit, but I wanted it done no matter what), I asked him to show me what he is ready to turn in tomorrow and Friday.

Meanwhile just to use technology even more – he had a couple of zeros on History assignements too. I had him complete those last night. Sometime during the day today he zipped into the media center and send me an email: “ok mom I have turned in my puzzle piece and packet so you I have a 74 in ss”  I logged into the grade system and saw:

More Info Signed Syllabus Citizenship/Participation 5 5 8/27/2008 8/27/2008 Yes
More Info Puzzle Piece Projects 4 5 9/3/2008 9/3/2008 Yes
More Info Big Ideas Projects 8 10 9/5/2008 9/5/2008 Yes
More Info Packet #1 Homework/Classwork 18 29 9/8/2008 9/8/2008 Yes
More Info Passport Project Projects 27 30 9/10/2008 9/10/2008 Yes
More Info 2.1 Rome Quiz Tests/Quizzes 1 5 9/12/2008 9/12/2008 Yes
More Info 2.2 Fall of Rome Quiz Tests/Quizzes 4 5 9/15/2008 9/15/2008 Yes
More Info Byzantine Empire Quiz 2.3 Tests/Quizzes 5.5 6 9/22/2008 9/22/2008 Yes
Type Perc of
Points Max Perc
Citizenship/Participation 10 % 5.00 5 100.00
Homework/Classwork 30 % 18.00 29 62.06
Projects 30 % 39.00 45 86.66
Tests/Quizzes 30 % 10.50 16 65.62
Total** 74.30

Whaddya know? Instant verification! Isn’t technology awesome? And to his credit, those were the only two classes with missing items and low grades. He’s got an 86 in math – though that could be in the 90s except for a low score on his first homework packet due to an incomplete page BUT at leas the turned in the packet on time! He’s tracking for an A in video film and has another 86 in English. He also turned in an extra credit packet for English tonight.

Quite frankly after going through his backpack tonight and just *organizing* everything for him, I can actually see why those few slipped through the cracks – it was a MESS. No more, and I am going to make a point every Wed night that he is with me to check his backpack to see if he keeps up the sorting. On a side note, I was looking at his honors algebra homework packet that I had to sign and OW, it hurt my brain!! Dear lord I hope he doesn’t ask me to help him with that!!

Now, I am sure that HE is not so enamored of this online gradebook 🙂 In fact, I think my SweetPrince said it best when I showed it to him – “Thank heavens my mom never had anything like that to check up on me!!”

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  1. Very cool! My co-worker has an assigned homework system for her son, but it’s an automated telephone thing. So it’s there, but she said it takes sooo long to go through each of his jr. high classes… I love the online one, with current grades-to-date, excellent!


  2. We have a similar system, and it’s great. I’ve been using it for several years for DD1 and now that DD2 is in middle school I’m able to track her too.


  3. Would you believe the Snooty School does NOT have an online grade program? They do not believe in it. That means, I get daily emails from teachers regarding work undone, not turned in, etc. My BP is through the roof.

    Welcome to my world. Organization helps. So do daily beatings.


  4. Awesomeness. Oh, that you can check in, not that he’s missed assignments.

    Thanks for commenting on my posts about Rosie. They do have an online system, too, but since she’s just in Kindergarten AND her main teacher is in the hospital, I don’t think there’s much up there. I should register at least!

    Looking forward to more of your advice!


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