Take my teen, please! + questiontime!

It took precisely 6 months and 25 days into his first teen year for SportsBoy to inspire the first “Anybody want a teenager?!” plea from me. Judging by the August moms list & other friends I know with teens, he’s actualy a bit of a lte bloomer, but when compared to his brother, he’s waaaay ahead of schedule. But then, I told you guys this one would be different. The will is strong in this one as is the sharp tongue & sarcasm.

Every. Single. Thing was a struggle this last week he was with me. If being a smart ass was a paying job, he’d have earned a quadruple bonus. Particularly this weekend. Sure, he had an excuse – a sleepover Friday night set him on a sleep deficit path was just plain UGLY, but still, to nearly be in tears over the fact that a cheap compass wasn’t working?? Dear gawd, I was about to do a gender check to make sure he was male ’cause he was having a total PMS meltdown!! Even after I sent him up for a nap – yes, a nap – he was still a groggy cranky mess.

I’d like to think it was because he *didn’t* get to have any exercise last week since wrestling had a week off between regular and post-season and so he had excess energy. Combine that with starting the weekend sleep deprived and maybe it was bound to be bad and will all be better this week.

But I’m not exactly holding my breath.


Questiontime!! Just two:

  1. The first time you have someone over for a meal – child or adult – do you ask them about dietary/taste bud issues? I ask because while it seems completely normal to me to do that, I was challenged on it from the perspective that if someone invites you over, as a willing guest you should smile sweetly and eat whatever is put in front of you. Unless there IS a major allergy issue of course. But gosh – as a hostess, I don’t want my guests to feel *forced* to eat what I serve. To be polite, yes of course, but to eat something they just flat out hate? No way! So I’d rather know up front. Maybe I feel that way because there are some foods I really could not even begin to force past my tongue so I’m empathetic to that?
  2. A headline on MSNBC today read “Toyota luring buyers back with incentives.” Tell me – just WHAT incentives would you need at this point in order to buy a Toyota??!! There has now been two incidences with the Prius’ gas accelerators sticking, thankfully with no injuries but in one case in Texas the car did crash into a store front. What the heck is going ON with their cars? And in all seriousness – what would you need from them in order to buy one right now?

2 thoughts on “Take my teen, please! + questiontime!

Add yours

  1. Girl, you have Cajun blood, it’s impossible to make a bad meal.

    No, seriously, I never ask a guest their food preferences, I just lay things out buffet style and tell them to dig in.


    1. A bunch of people, yes. Then I’m more likely to do as you do, but this is just one person & would normally only be cooking for 2-3 so expanding to add a 4th – not a ton of food is needed.

      As I said though – I may be more sensitive to such things. I am glad I asked at any rate since she’s lactose intolerant and my top 2 dishes to make for a small gathering would have been very bad choices!!


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