So It Begins…but first, a look back.

Let’s just cut to the chase, this is the start of my fundraising for 2018 🙂

2018 Harbor to Harbor donation page

OK, now that that is covered (hey, I am doing two adventures…that’s a lot of potential Athenas/Zeus’ I have to support…$2,500 for each even as a matter of fact, so let’s get that party started!)

First, a look back at WHY I will be dedicating this next phase of my life to this organization.

Because these are TEAM adventure events. As in, we all start and finish together. At no point does the front of the pack lose touch with the back of the pack. And not just because they have walkie talkies – for the bulk of the event the two ends could always see each other. All we, the participating gods, goddesses and athenas have to do is walk. They feed us, they provide medical support for varying degrees of wear and tear, they put us up in hotels, the give us massages on breaks…it’s fabulous. For the athenas, they pay for the airfare to get to the event, plus all the supplies they bought to train. Shoes, trekking poles, backpacks – the whole deal. It’s pretty damn generous. They truly want those people who get the scholarship to have to one thing and one thing only: train.

So here’s pictures from last year and this year showing that dedication. First – Diane when she was an Athena going up a couple of brutal hills one month after having her thyroid out.

2016 Diane first getting a push from Robyn..
2016 and then getting a tow

So in 2017 Diane participated as a fundraising goddess. Here’s some photos from our training walks which started in the cold and rain in January/February and then ended with our first heat wave of the season that first weekend in May. Yeah, we did the walk in 90+ degree heat (but it was a DRY heat…um..yay?)

2017 training in some beautiful places
2017 shoes
2017 We trained in cold and rain
2017 We trained on gorgeous days right after rain
2017 We trained on some hot days
2017 Be Brave Project Athena medallion
2017 Hands in the circle to start the day
2017 Athenas at the top of Mt Soledad
2017 with Robyn
2017 sticker. Gotta love the ish!

Just a short view of what it takes to do these treks. 2018? Harbor to Harbor again of course. Because I have a standing dance date with Robyn Benincasa at mile 50 (ish). And then just 3.5 months later we are doing something new – something a bit more adventurous and frankly a tad scarier to both of us right now – Rim2Rim2Rim in the Grand Canyon in August.

I’ll write another time about how THAT idea dropped into my head 🙂

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