I normally consider myself pretty calm and levelheaded. Most of my close friends have described me that way anyway! However, I realize that towards the end of last week I became quite cranky and snippy (particularly to Marcus and my parents). Then I looked at the week I was facing. Saturday was Alex’s big game and I admit to being anxious about that on his behalf. Today, I had two fillings done at the dentist which is always a source of huge jitters for me. This time, there was a chance that the cavity went all the way to the nerve and I would be facing my first ever root canal. Thankfully that was not the case, but it was on my mind of course. I got the dentist to give me some valium to take before the appt to ease my nerves. I walked back and forth since it is only a few blocks away – mights as well train too, right?! Anyway, then there is the 3-day itself which is a source more of positive excitement, but it is definately something looming. Lot’s of coordination of rides had to be done. Nick will take me in on Friday to the starting point, Marcus will pick me up Saturday from the camp so we can go to Alex’s final game, and I connected with another local walker who will pick me up from the closing ceremonies on Sunday. The appt for the other fillings on the left side are next week – those wont be as bad as todays. Anyhow, all things which justifiably had me having slight snippy-fits :-> Then there was some drama at work with the “boss who shouldn’t be a boss.” I took the high road and handled it, but not without some major cussing fits!! Ah well. All that is left now is the walk – that is a very GOOD thing to look forward to. Yes, there is some mental psyching up to do, but it’s fun. The practical tihngs are done. Gear is gathered. Socks and shoes are properly paired for maximum blister resistanve and comfort. Logistics are arranged. It will all fall into place. I just need to put one foot in front of the other a lot of times, right?

Guess what?


I just found out that the Closing ceremonies, or the finish line, for the 3-Day walk will be:

My home away from home!! Petco Park!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, I might cry approaching the ballpark that I already miss. I just received the renewal notice for the 07 season ticket plan and I cannot bring myself to throw it out. It’s on the counter. Even though all logic says there is no way, that even if I had the money it would be stupid since we cannot go to that many games, I just don’t have the heart yet to throw that out. I have so loved being a season ticket holder. I *will* be again someday.

OK, that’s my quick update. This week is all about reading and training so don’t expect much here. I need to unplug the tv and computer to catch up and keep moving.

We have fall colors too


OK, so it’s not quite New England 🙂 Another fuzzy camera photo taken at the end of this morning’s walk. A walk I probably should not have done. Oh, the headache went away quickly with a leftover Vicodin from my eye surgery – knocked me right out at 9:30. But the right leg/hip – OW. I’ve felt this pain before and thought that I could stretch it out or that it would loosen up once I got going. Nope. Of course I stubbornly went on my intended walk anyway. Given that there IS no such thing as a level path around here I did have to deal with a monster hill at mile 9 of 11. I have no real clear idea how I pushed my way home. But, I did and then I paid for it. I’ve been heating and icing the area all day in the hopes that tomorrow it wont be horrible. Kept the leg elevated most of the day as well. At least I know this wont happen during the 3-day since I know it was walking in the loose sand on the beach which caused this. I must remember to stay on pavement only. Good news though is that the socks and shoes all feel great, even at the end of the walks. No signs of blisters and the bottom of the toes ache as they would anyway after long back to back walks. Let’s hope I can shed more of this waddle action before I have to go to work tomorrow! Oh, wont that be a sight!!

Fuzzy photos from today’s training walk


What a perfect day today! It rained last night so the day dawned with the ground wet and the air crisp and clear and clean. Big clouds mized with blue sky and sun. I love it the day after a rain! Alex’s game was at 8:00am in Carlsbad – they won 33-12 making the team 7-0 right now. Alex scored his 4th touchdown. He is really having a fantastic year. After the game I had a nail appt so I didn’t gead out for my walk until after lunch. My plan was to walk from 1-5pm which would be 10+ miles. The one route that I know for sure is 10 is to go to work and back, so that is what I did. The walk up took longer since I slowed down when I reached the sand and just strolled while watching the snowy plovers run along the water line. The bottom picture is from there at the edge of the water. Camera phone only so the quality is not great. I then continued up the hill to the reserve and my very favorite Guy Fleming Trail where I sat on a bench to eat my snacks. That is where the other two photos were taken. While I was taking the middle one, this shadow passed over me and I looked up to see the glider. He was heading back to the south when I snapped the picture. I continued up to the light for the NU driveway and then walked down via the main road stopping again to watch a little of the blue angels air show. August moms who were in San Fran may remember that they come down here after their columbus day shows up north. I made it home before 5 so my pace is where I want it. However, I am incredibly sore right now – mostly my sinuses are killing me which could be from whatever I was breathing outdoors or it could be hormones (ick!). Either way my head actually hurts worse than the hips and feet which were starting to bark. Need to shake this thing tonight because I need to get up early tomorrow and do another 10+ mile walk. The next one I think I will head to the coast again, but then go north. Might even bring my old digital (haven’t called on the new one yet). Oh! In Portland I bought one of the the shoulder heating pads they had at Soak and let me tell you that its rather heavenly to apply right now. Definately a most excellent purchase!

Fundraising is done


Thank you to all readers here who donated! As of collecting a $100 check today, I have reached the $2200 minimum for the 3-day walk. Yay! A whole month to focus on training only. Heh. Ahem. Anyhoo…

It’s not that bad. I’ve trained more this year than I did for the one in ’03 and I made it through that event just fine. Yeah, I was younger. Shush! I will feel better if sometime in October I can throw together two days in a row of 10 miles+ It is just a matter of having the time. I’ve walked 3 out of 4 days but no more than 4 miles at a time. Still, that is better than nothing at all. I’ve worn all three pairs of shoes that I intend to use for the event and they all feel great. I am still blessed with no blister issues which are the #1 reasons for dropping out.

I have so much to do before the August moms gathering!! Those 2 days at work will be intense. I need to shop for a hostess gift and some underwear. Why do I never buy myself enough underwear? I will find some that I like and only get like 3 pair and then wear them into oblivion! One of those weird things about me that you probably didn’t want to know 🙂 At least my major laundry is done and I made sure I have all the other basics needed for the trip to Maine. I am so freaking excited as always to see my mom friends, but this year I am doubly excited for the trip as I get to meet a whole group of New England Bobs! Some I already met in Vegas, but others – like miss IrishPrincessPatti who always leaves me such sweet comments in here. And Bill! THE Bill in Portland Maine! Well, of course I am meeting Bill..I am going to be IN Portland Maine too for 5 days! Such a treat.

It’s the next day and I am still not sure what I saw and heard last night. That DVD is going to be queued up to Nick’s performance and played over and over once it arrives! I need to figure out a way to burn those 6 minutes or so into a media file on my computer so that I can send it out or post it here to prove that it is not just a mother’s eyes and ears reacting. Oh, and Patti, I did get very teary-eyed and started almost sobbing as I thought back again to nearly losing him last summer, BUT, his performance snapped me out of it as I did not want to miss one detail blowing my nose or wiping my eyes so I held it together. I cried a little as I fell asleep last night, but that was it. Not too bad. Gawd – at a couple of points in his solo I jsut got chills! He was so good not just at the singing but also at *performing*. He was so into the song. Ok, I will stop blabbering about it now!

Melting again


OK, today would officially be the first day that I would normally turn on an air conditioner if I had one. It is over 80 degrees downstairs – I am NOT going upstairs!! The heat wave which broke on Tuesday has returned for the weekend. I made sure I was inside from my training walk by 11:00am. I went outside at 1:30 to water some plants and thought I would die. I don’t normally sweat – and I am sweating now!!

I just finished a diary for Daily Kos to boost my fund raising. Link here
I pulled in a little of my stem cell veto rant to tie in a political issue :-> But I also do think that participating in some kind of charitable organization or cause is very valuable. Selfishly it makes you feel good about yourself – in my case the 3-day event keeps me in shape while I raise money for breast cancer research and education.

Oooh – I see a breeze! Must go lie in front of an open window!

17 weeks to train


I actually got serious about training for the three day at just the right time. Their website has a 24 and a 16 week training calendar. Nice. I have actually started out doing more than I needed to 🙂 They recommend alternating walks with cross training. I count Curves as the cross training. Apparently this week I should have rested yesterday, should do an easy walk today, cross train tomorrow, a moderate walk on Thursday and cross train again Friday. Then Sat and Sun should be two easy walks. Here is the funny part. They define “easy” as 2-3 miles an hour on flat surfaces. HAHAHAHAHA! There is no such thing as a flat surface in coastal San Diego!! The 2-3 mile walks that I have mapped out around my house include at least 2 long uphills, sometimes 3. Those are moderate according to their plan. Ah well. At least I feel very confident about the training part of this walk now. It will be really easy to keep up the schedule they have mapped out.

Now for the fundraising. I’ve started writing something up for that. Something a little more personal to send out as an appeal. I need to get a little more creative obviously. This is a real challenge for me! I am not good at solicitation/sales at all. In fact, I am downright uncomfortable with it. However, my first attempt really was very casual since it was so early. I will have to be more assertive and follow up with people who I know would contribute. Sigh…walking the 60 miles is easier to me.