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In an interview with The Police sometime in the 80’s after the Synchronicity album was released, Sting was asked about the darker nature of the songs.  My memory of his reply is not exact, except for the key words which I recall with total clarity (especially the way he sort of tossed them off in his veddy British accent) so I wont use proper quotation marks: ‘Well, I suppose we could be boring and just try to sell albums with happy little songs about Trees and Flowers and Birds, but that wouldn’t be very honest now, would it?’

For whatever reason that phrase stuck with me and now whenever I think about just the lighter side of life I file those things in my brain under ‘Trees and Flowers and Birds’.  My previous blogspot was called Torrey Pines Reflections, and I delved into anything and everything – the real facets of my life –  quite publicly. However, a person from my past who just cannot live in reality or let go of a decade old grudge stumbled into that site and was getting a little too worked up over things. I then felt as if I needed to ‘edit’ my topics so as not to set her off. I don’t like to feel muffled 🙂 So, I moved here where my main blog can still be public (in case she finds it again), but where I can assign passwords to posts which might stir trouble or which I feel should be a tad more private just for my own or my family’s sake. I really didn’t want to use the old name since there is now a difference and what should pop into my mind to express that posts on this blog would be ‘lighter’ and ‘edited’ for public consumption? Well, Trees and Flowers and Birds of course!!

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  1. I’ll admit – I have shared my blog with too many people, and am thinking I need to start one I share with nobody, for the reasons you mentioned above. Nice explanation!


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