May 28th – Pattern broken but writing done!


I toyed with pushing myself up this morning to run again. Keep that even day in may pattern going. But..since I did do that track workout yesterday and my toe is not 100% I decided it was OK to skip today and switch things around. I’ll still run every other day. The goal is to run before work tomorrow.  I’m OK with that. Will be interesting to see what my total miles for May will end up being!

I lounged, had breakfast and that went head first into writing again by 10am.

In fact, here’s where I have been pretty much all day Saturday and today:

Writing space for the weekend

I am very thankful that 15 was scheduled to be with his dad for this three day weekend. It allowed me to take over what is normally his main computer space. Those papers scattered all around me were the references I’ve found that helped me increase the quality of the instructions in the guide. I feel a lot better about the product now. I’ll admit to feeling fairly apprehensive about the first version because I knew there were gaps and places where I was clearly “vamping” to keep the word count healthy. Luckily, of the 19 books sold only two had to be refunded. One due to a third party vendor failure (the customer never received the files and by the time we could respond to offer a direct link, he had started the refund process). The other is an odd one. Someone bought the book, then 30 minutes later requested a refund directly from us stating the information was “amateurish.” Oh, that hurt, but I couldn’t argue too much! However, it took us several hours to be able to initiate the refund (we do work after all) and in that time frame, what neither of us noticed is that he accessed link to the book files about a dozen more times! In fact, he literally “trolled” the site every day for three days even after we had refunded him and then disconnected his access to the file link. Weirdo! So I almost don’t count him as a “dissatisfied” customer. Not that he needed to grab the files so many times. Once he downloaded it if he wanted to share it print it out a bazillion times he could. There’s nothing we can do about those scenarios. The lesson we learned is to go ahead and wait 24 hours before initiating a refund and watching the site stats first.

The point is – I am no longer nervous about any of that. The 6000+ words in the book are all now *quality* and so are the website pages (most of them at least…still have a couple of deeper pages to update)

Yeah, between the book, fresh pages, supporting blog posts and oh yeah, writing in this place I figure I’ve pounded out a cool 10,000 words between Saturday and today!


I did have enough brain power afterwards to go to the grocery and do laundry – aren’t you impressed?

And now – I am going to sit my ass on that sofa and surf the 1000s of channels for some mindless crap on TV.


What’s that saying about old dogs and new tricks?


Or, more appropriately for me – old cats?

In my ongoing pursuit of supplemental income I’ve mentioned that I’ve been doing some content writing for a website that I run with my friend Eve. I know you’ve all checked it out at least once and clicked on an ad or two for me right? What? You haven’t? Oh, c’mon – here, check out the pergola design page so you can all the wonder possibilities out there 🙂 I’ll wait…………..

But seriously folks (and thanks if you actually bothered to do that!) I’ve been ramping up the writing for the site updating pages and writing more articles for a corresponding wordpress blog that feeds to the site and hey now – we’ve sold 10 ebooks since Feb! W00t! Five of them in April alone. Adsense revenue has taken off in the last two months and I actually got a payment from them this month (threshold is $100 before they issue). I had to learn obviously about pergolas in order to write intelligently on them and then I had to start learning the basics of SEO so that I could drive traffic and interest to the site. Those concepts were not too hard to absorb really.


Now Eve is bringing me in on new client contracts she gets to help support other small business owner’s sites.  Since she also has a full time day job she wants to train me on some more in depth internet market researching skills which I can then translate to our own site and to another one we want to launch this year as well as take some income from her client contracts to ease her work load and increase the services she can provide them. So now I am reading manuals and learning a whole new software and how to analyze the data it spits out and…..aack!

I mean – this isn’t a TOTAL 180 swing from accounting but it is close! Of course, my math oriented brain wants to create statistical analysis out of it all and actually the initial programs are doing just that but now I have to learn how to read them. It’s like learning a new language with PPC & ORV & CPC and…yowza!

Marketing and writing – whodu thunk?

There are many nights when I just have to sit back and say “Brain. Full. Need. Sleep.To.Reset.”

And then I dream about pie charts.


I need a beer.

Have a good weekend 🙂