What a pair! (1 of 9)


Here you go! Below are the pics I took yesterday. Don’t you just love that dumpster up there? It’s been in the driveway two days longer than it should have now. I had to call them again – I am making out though. They are still only charging me for ONE dump fee and the original 7 day rental. Meanwhile someone dumped an old BBQ in there without asking, Marcus as cleaned out stuff from his garage and a rental unit, Nick has thrown out crap and now my next door neighbor just emailed me asking if she could throw out some old carpet in it! Heeheee. It occurs to me that perhaps once a year it would be worth it to coordinate with everyone on the street, get one of these (they are only $425 for 5days and the weight limit is really high), split the cost and just let everyone clear out their crap. Anyhow, the goal now is for it to be gone Friday. The rest of the furniture should be in the house and my garage should be clear for car parking again. Enjoy the rest of the pics. I am totally in love with my floors.