Move 2008 Week 35 + Blog Day Links


Let’s get the boring excersise stuff out of the way – slow week. Too much on the TV (DNC convention) to allow for proper aerobic time with the Wii. But I did keep up with the weights 4 nights. Still feeling good, but I feel like I need to trun it up a notch this week and push it to another level. IOW – maybe switch from bowling to tennis on the Wii 🙂 And perhaps up the arm reps. Or maybe even look for heavier weights soon.


I am a lazy slob today. It started last night after we got home from dinner. I managed to clean the kitchen, but then I plopped in front of the computer to catch up on blog reading. And my interest was sparked by this post from Brandy on the ups and downs of blogging. And I thought I would stealborrow her idea. Then, because of that ADD thing, I was distracted into surfing blogs related to Hurricane Gustav, and I ended up continuing that this morning and stumbling upon some really fantastic sites and writers who made me smile. So I thought I would use Brandy’s idea and share these new gems with you. Then while reading the comments on her post today, I find out there is this thing called Blog Day! And it’s TODAY! How’s THAT for co-inkydinks (with links)?

Here are my 5 blog recommendations – I thought I would highlight sites I found on my own within the past year (vs something connected back to my original blog ring of friends):

Coast Rat – A Mississippi gulf coast volunteer taking a 2 year personal mission to help that area. And he just happens to be evacuating right now thanks to Gustav.

Okay, Fine, Dammit – Found her via Coast Rat and decided he was quite correct to refer to as a Writer Sensation. Witty and real.

Red Ravine – Over the past year as I’ve cruised blogs recommended by my friends, I have noticed a common commenter – Ybonsey. It reached the point where I realized that I see this person everywhere, but I haven’t been over to their site! Red Ravine is simply beautiful. Photos and sketches and haikus and poems and just every day writing at it’s best. All waaaay beyond my creative abilities, but I do love to stop and admire 🙂

The Show Must Go On – Actually responsible for the 3 wonderful sites I found in the last 24 hours so I had to highlight her here. She grew up in Cajun country and now lives in Texas but was following the hurricane and linked to Coast Rat. I think Kitty originally found me? At any rate, I find her completely unable to categorize! She frequently surprises me with her topics. Late into the night she started a virtual tp’ing party! Love her.

Velveteen Mind – I feel behind the times somehow as she is apparently quite popular in the blog world and certainly has a deep following. And I can see why. I think I spent an hour going through her archives on the impact Katrina had on her family and then her own favorite posts that she highlighted. Not only do I look forward to following her site and Coast Rat’s through the hurricane season to see how they fare, but I’ll stay just to enjoy both of the continuing stories.


With that task done, I suppose I should move from the computer? I did make breakfast for us a few hours ago, so I am not that bad. I also stopped and took out the trash (it stunk!). I should start laundry. And spot clean the horrid stains on the stairway carpet – which I really need to do today since I did vacuum the stairs yesterday. I should also plan a grocery run. And I keep putting off playing Wii with SB (who has clearly played too long by himself because I can hear him gettin frustrated at it!!). Or start the laundry. Or…NOT..because it’s day 2 of a 3 day weekend and I do not need to rush…ooo…looky that link over there..maybe I’ll just go read it for a few……….

Move 2008 week 33 and new viral video


Had to go off the schedule with this video. Home made by a Daily Kos member and I think it is so brilliant. Much like Al Gore had to walk a fine line as far as campaigning with Clinton or creating distance (long term analysis is that creating distance hurt him), McCain has a similar type of incumbent problem. Only this time no matter whether he physically stays away from Bush or not, his own actions and votes over the past 8 years show just how tight they really are which should cause trouble with those magical wing voters. I’m glad this video is making the rounds.


In case you’ve followed my tweets, no I did not just nap and play Wii all day yesterday. We also cleaned the house and did laundry and yes, the plants did get watered. It’s really our last weekend totally free though so other than groceries tomorrow, you can bet we will Wii a lot 🙂


Stats: awesome week! Of course, thanks to Wii! Toning went very well and I met my aerobics goals easily too. I’m starting to feel that my arms are stronger – the act of buying 21lbs of kitty litter is not so daunting any more! Yay! How is everyone else doing?


Look at this big ‘ole kitty butt! I think she needs to use the Wii:

Move 2008 – Week 32 Olympic Edition #1


Another great week for weights. 6 full routines. I actually lost count of how many reps I am doing. A minimum of 200, but possibly more. I’ve been doing them in two stages with some stretching in between. And you know what? Just as happened when I was quite dedicated about going to Curves, my headaches/neckaches are greatly dimished. In the last 30 days I’ve had NO neck pain at all. And that includes when hormones should have triggered a headache! Twice I’ve woken up with sinus pain, but one does of Claritin and Excedrine has knocked it out. No recurrence. You better believe that I am keeping up whatever routine has allowed such a pain free streak! Be it what I am eating/drinking or my exercise routine or perhaps both, I wont be messing with it! What really shocked me was that this was WITH the trip to Austin thrown in when I ate pretty dang poorly. I did move a lot, though of course there were no weight routines, but lots of walking. Normally though, if I return from travelling and then go right into hormone week (which I did), I will suffer a particularly bad headache cycle because my routines hav ebeen thrown off and I am tired. Not so this time. Truly shocking in a very good way.

So, the Olympics! Heaven for a sports nut like me. Heck, I turned on the tv at 6:30am and watched whatever was on which this morning consisted of dressage, soccer and archery! I watched badminton and volleyball yesterday morning. Now I am watching basketball which is more traditional I suppose, but it’s a nice story. Team USA – The Redeem Team is actually participating in the games this year. No, they are not staying in the atheletes village, BUT, they are going over there to eat and hang out and they are attending other sport’s games. They needed to do this after a disastorous turn in Athens when they were strictly superstars and not Olympians. So far, they are kicking team China’s butt and I cannot believe I am rooting for Kobe Bryant, but hey, he’s Team USA right now 🙂 I’ll go back to booing him after he helps bring home a gold.

Anyhow, watching these atheletes is a big motivator to MOVE.  I think I’ll go pedal during the last part of this game.

Move 2008 – week 31 update + book review


More focus on the arms. Still feeling good and strong. Some pedaling, walking and gardening kept the aerobics up. A pretty good week overall. Now for the book:

Bleachers Bleachers by John Grisham

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
I read this on the flight to Austin two weeks ago. Totally up my alley since it is about an iconic high school football coach and the impact he had on multiple generations of players. The former players gather in the bleachers at the school awaiting the death of the old coach as he succumbs to cancer. They slowly open up to each other sharing stories of the coach, not always glowing ones and in the memories of these players, the character of a dying man comes to life. It’s an easy read as Grisham usually is, but also as is typical of his writing, there are some unexpected twists and excellent development of the characters.

View all my reviews.

Move 2008 – Week 30


My 4lb hand weights. I’ve had them for AGES. I honestly have no idea when I got them – pre Sportsboy I think! But this is the first year that they have gotten regular use. If I keep this up, I may graduate to 5 lbs weights! I upped the reps I do and added some different moves so that I am up to 200 reps each time. Aerobics has been all walking during the day as I’ve had no chance to pedal. I have not really met that goal this week, but I did walk 4 of the 5 days at work. Clearly I enjoy working out my arms more 🙂

Short and sweet as it is another day of football equipment pick up. Practice starts Friday! Sportsboy comes home Wednesday! 3 more days! 3 more days!

Move 2008 – Week 28 and food for the baseball lover’s soul


A great week (finally!) when I met all my goals by Friday. Not only did I make it through an avg of 5-20 mins aerobic sessions, but I also increased my arm weight reps from 150 per routine to 180 during two of them.

After 2 hours of yard work mostly trimming way overgrown shrubs and filling two containers with debris, I decided to reward myself with a Padres game. Oh wait, first a photo of a flower on what is really a weed on the slope, but which is really quite pretty and I have no clue what it is! :

The yellow flowers bloomed at the top of an over 4 foot stalk growing at the top of the slope on the side yard. I took that picture from insied the wall of the flowers which are just on the other side, but have grown so high that they are visible over the top. If the stalk itself was not so gangly looking and kind of ugly, I’d be more inclined to let these grow! I still might…not really in the mood to climb to the top and pull stuff out!

MusicMan brought home some corn plants yesterday so we are brainstorming what to clear out so they can be planted.

Baseball – the motivation last night was the celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the 1998 National League Championship season. Given that was the year I made the final leap away from the Dodgers to the Padres (Piazza was traded away that year and he had been my main motivation for still keeping an eye on the Dodgers) I have a lot of memories of that season. 7/25/98 is when they first started playing Hells Bells for Trevor Hoffman as he came in to pitch. He had 51 saves that year (his uniform number!) and Greg Vaughn hit 50 home runs which the first time ever for a Padre player (not ever matched). The image of over 50,000 fans at Qualcomm stadium waving white towels was repeated over and over. Including the night that the Yankees completed their World Series sweep over the Padres. Except that the fans didn’t care. They stayed out there and waved those towels and cheered and cheered until the team came back out from the clubhouse (once the Yankees had gone into theirs to celebrate) and the fans of San Diego got to show their appreciation to the team one last time. Not one fan left and not one player stayed in the clubhouse. It was a big season not just for the team but also for the city as just a few weeks later the referendum passed to allow construction of a downtown ballpark – what would become Petco Park.

I was sitting behind the dugout and first base and had a wonderful view. I love how the current Padres are sitting at the top of the dugout to watch the ’98 players. There were plenty of tear producing moments, but having general manager Kevin Towers bring out the jersey of the late Ken Caminiti….


The other cool thing is that in the month of July hot dog and sodas are only $1!!! So I ate dinner for $3. The team lost as usual…oh well. It was still a nice evening.

Move 2008 – Week 27 + more food!


IF my weekly goal was 2 – 30 min aerobic routines and 3 strength routines, I would meet it every week. But I should be doing 5 – 20 min routines so I keep falling short. I have caught up enough at work to be able to join the daily walks so that will help. And I’ve been  consistent enough with the hand weights that once the peeling stops, I know I will look pretty darn OK in sleeveless tops. Yes, still peeling and still applying aloe twice a day. I told you it was a pretty damn good burn.

On to the food! We went back to Spread last night:

Apologies as always for the poor picture quality. The phone does a good job in the outdoor daylight, but is only so so indoors. That is the remains of the almondine dish. I’m going to steal from orangeclouds115 again for a description of what we ate because her memory/knowledge is much better than mine!

We started out with a chop salad made with 10 different kinds of heirloom lettuce, strawberries, red carrots, apples, and a thyme vinaigrette. Next up was a truffled almondine made with Spanish almonds, string beans, squash, and beets cooked in a black sesame reduction. We finished our meal with tacos made on corn tortillas with purple potatoes and guacamole. All made from local, organic ingredients picked today.

The chop salad and almondine were amazing. We both agreed we could have stopped right there. And we probably should have given that we already had plans to go to Extraordinary Desserts for an Obama meet up. But, both our eyes had lit up when we saw the description of the tacos. Here is what they looked like:

Besides being basically full once these (4 of them) arrived, I also learned that there is a limit to how far I can stretch my taste buds. Raw tomatoes, zuchini, almons – all things I normally avoid have been consumed happily at Spread. But, the guacamole would not pass. Avocadoes are icky to me no matter how fresh apparently. On top of that, the overall flavor of the tacos was too salty – we both thought so. Which was too bad because the potatoes and the corn and mini corn tortillas were delicious.

Since it was prices that took away from my enjoyment of the last week’s dinner, I should mention that Spread is much better. When I say prices, I mean in proportion to the amount of food. I understand that truly well prepared food will be more expensive, but the problem I had with Whisknladle was paying so much for a such a very small portion. At Spread, while each dish is prepared with the intention that it be shared, it is still plenty of food. If you were going there by yourself, the portion of chopped salad (which I think was $15 or $16) was more than enough so that if you ordered something else, you would be taking food home for sure.I still only had room for some mango sorbet for dessert!

Oh, and I need to thank Robyn for educating me on what a cat does when in heat. Her description and picture allowed me to identify the “funny thing” that orangecloud’s cat Molly was doing! She thought it was funny how Molly would scrunch her legs up and whine…I asked if Molly was fixed – nope! Guess what dear, your cat is in heat! Apparently she was doing some night time howling too. lol! Quite a contrast from my two lazy butts who spent the afternoon pinned to my side yesterday while I read:

That was the view as I looked up from my book. I expect more of the same today.