Move 2008 Week 35 + Blog Day Links

Let’s get the boring excersise stuff out of the way – slow week. Too much on the TV (DNC convention) to allow for proper aerobic time with the Wii. But I did keep up with the weights 4 nights. Still feeling good, but I feel like I need to trun it up a notch this week and push it to another level. IOW – maybe switch from bowling to tennis on the Wii 🙂 And perhaps up the arm reps. Or maybe even look for heavier weights soon.


I am a lazy slob today. It started last night after we got home from dinner. I managed to clean the kitchen, but then I plopped in front of the computer to catch up on blog reading. And my interest was sparked by this post from Brandy on the ups and downs of blogging. And I thought I would stealborrow her idea. Then, because of that ADD thing, I was distracted into surfing blogs related to Hurricane Gustav, and I ended up continuing that this morning and stumbling upon some really fantastic sites and writers who made me smile. So I thought I would use Brandy’s idea and share these new gems with you. Then while reading the comments on her post today, I find out there is this thing called Blog Day! And it’s TODAY! How’s THAT for co-inkydinks (with links)?

Here are my 5 blog recommendations – I thought I would highlight sites I found on my own within the past year (vs something connected back to my original blog ring of friends):

Coast Rat – A Mississippi gulf coast volunteer taking a 2 year personal mission to help that area. And he just happens to be evacuating right now thanks to Gustav.

Okay, Fine, Dammit – Found her via Coast Rat and decided he was quite correct to refer to as a Writer Sensation. Witty and real.

Red Ravine – Over the past year as I’ve cruised blogs recommended by my friends, I have noticed a common commenter – Ybonsey. It reached the point where I realized that I see this person everywhere, but I haven’t been over to their site! Red Ravine is simply beautiful. Photos and sketches and haikus and poems and just every day writing at it’s best. All waaaay beyond my creative abilities, but I do love to stop and admire 🙂

The Show Must Go On – Actually responsible for the 3 wonderful sites I found in the last 24 hours so I had to highlight her here. She grew up in Cajun country and now lives in Texas but was following the hurricane and linked to Coast Rat. I think Kitty originally found me? At any rate, I find her completely unable to categorize! She frequently surprises me with her topics. Late into the night she started a virtual tp’ing party! Love her.

Velveteen Mind – I feel behind the times somehow as she is apparently quite popular in the blog world and certainly has a deep following. And I can see why. I think I spent an hour going through her archives on the impact Katrina had on her family and then her own favorite posts that she highlighted. Not only do I look forward to following her site and Coast Rat’s through the hurricane season to see how they fare, but I’ll stay just to enjoy both of the continuing stories.


With that task done, I suppose I should move from the computer? I did make breakfast for us a few hours ago, so I am not that bad. I also stopped and took out the trash (it stunk!). I should start laundry. And spot clean the horrid stains on the stairway carpet – which I really need to do today since I did vacuum the stairs yesterday. I should also plan a grocery run. And I keep putting off playing Wii with SB (who has clearly played too long by himself because I can hear him gettin frustrated at it!!). Or start the laundry. Or…NOT..because it’s day 2 of a 3 day weekend and I do not need to rush…ooo…looky that link over there..maybe I’ll just go read it for a few……….

4 thoughts on “Move 2008 Week 35 + Blog Day Links

Add yours

  1. I found you by coincidence. I had a post up with a crawfish or something and that wordpress similar topic generator had your post and I clicked it.
    Liked what I saw, kept coming back.

    I’ve since disabled that similar topic thing because you just never know what sort of stuff will come up and it confuses people, they think you wrote that too.

    You are the only person I found this way. What a strike of good luck.


  2. are sweet Kitty! Yes – the possibly related posts thingie – it was a hoot for about two weeks and then I have completely forgotten about it. But is has been good if it brought you here! 🙂


  3. Hey, how am I only just now seeing this? Thank you so much for mentioning me and for taking the time to read my blog. Oy. An hour? In my messy archives? Bless your heart. 😉

    Seriously, thank you so much. Someone has been lying to you about that following I have, but I’ll take you if you want to stick around.

    Me, on the other hand? I must now go scoot and read the other blogs on your list. Maggie, I know, because we recently featured her on Blog Nosh Magazine, but the others put me squarely behind the times with you. I’m all about reading someone named Coast Rat!

    Thanks again! I’ll be back just as soon as I’m done following your recommendations!


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