Week 0

Today’s game didn’t count in the standings which is why I called it Week 0. Also, I know the tradition is to use feet in the header up there, but I really loved that picture of the boys holding hands as a team right before the kick off. Mine is #55 over there on the right.

A teensy back story: We have a player on our team who used to play for our opponent. So it was particularly important to him that we win, even though it did not count. As anyone who may have participated in team sports before can understand, it’s quite tough to switch allegiance. Hard to be accepted by the new team who used to oppose you and then hard to face the old group. Sure enough, he was feeling uneasy all this time. I assigned #55 the task of befriending him during practice and making him feel like one of the guys. He was with us last weekend at the big sleepover which I know helped him bond with the new group. But you also knew that this game was huge for him. And I was crossing my fingers not only that we would win of course, but that he could particularly play well. Before I tell the tale though, here’s some pre- and post game images:

If you follow my twitters, you already know they won and earned ice cream with a 14-0 shutout. Early in the week, I wrote about how #55 was crying a bit after the scrimmage because he was not playing much. He slept on it and decided not to talk to coach right now, but to just ride it out in his new role as mostly an offensive player and not touching the ball all that much. His choice – I told him not to be unhappy then if his playing time was limited and he agreed. It was so odd not to see him in on defense though! The player I mentioned before shook off his nervousness and rose to the occasion big time. His name was called a lot for tackles made. On the other team’s final possession, he made an interception and everyone on the sidelines and in the stands cheered loudly for him. A moment of triumph that he needed to really seal his place on his new team. I love it when those stories play out like that 🙂

And..my enthusiasm for writing is zippo! I’m sunburned. We scrambled like mad to clean the house somewhat this rmoning before the game since my parents came over after so that we could celebrate my mom’s b-day with dinner. I had to be a responsible board member and help out with things for the first hour before the game (and I had no flipping idea what I was doing!!). I’ve been going non-stop since I woke up and I am wiped out. And hey – it’s a 3 -day weekend! I’ve been so buried in audit prep at work and league meetings and convention watching that I totally forgot! Since we cleaned today, I really only have to tend to the yard and grocery shop the rest of the weekend so I think we can actually *relax* and enjoy two whole days off!!

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