Glee + Adam Lambert = ??




That’s the Facebook status I just posted – oh I am so conflicted!

On the one hand: Yay ADAM!! A weekly taste of him singing and getting to see him act too? LOVE LOVE LOVE. I think he will inject a much needed spark into that show and well, we all know he can outsing any of them currently on there WITHOUT any autotuning (except maybe for Lea Michele).

On the other hand: Dammit! It took me half a season to finally break it off with Glee. Which was probably at least half a season too long. I made it through the Christmas episode last year and then finally deleted it off my DVR schedule. I was already using the fast forward button to get past any story line without Kurt and Rachel and it was getting hard to feel any sort of flow. Mostly I just scowled at the ever more trite and manipulative story lines with the “new” McKinley High glee club that was cobbled together after the original group graduated. It was all just the same stuff recycled with characters who didn’t have any appeal to me in the least. I did, however, really enjoy Kurt & Rachel in New York. I loved that their characters explored new relationships and creative challenges. Their songs were always my favorites. Rachel can flat SING and I would love to hear her voice paired with Adam’s. Kind of not sure who can hit and hold the higher note between those two :))

So fine, Glee – you win me back to get a weekly does of Adam. Just please don’t screw it up too much!

Oh, and don’t you DARE auto tune him. (guess I better load up my iTunes account too. Yes, I will fall prey to downloading the songs he is on!)






Where I was yesterday:

Deep Fried Oreos at the Orange County Fair – my annual indulgence.

With my Adam Fan Gal Pals, Vicki, Jan & Holly

This is the view from my seat in the pit courtesy of more Jan ticket karma/magic

Adam Lambert in Costa Mesa July 19, 2012

Yes, I could see his blue blue eyes.

Most of the time I just got shots of the spot lights behind him. As close as I was it was still hard to time it with just my iphone. But it was an amazing night!

And now, where I will be tomorrow:

Race bibs for me and Alex and the very cool t-shirt they gave out for the Bolt to the Q 5K run tomorrow.

We are all hoping for a no-barfing-on-the-stadium-turf race from Alex 🙂 Really don’ t need to see that on the jumbotron! Of course, since we start running at the same time, I wont have to worry about seeing that as he will finish close to 10 minutes before me. I’m just hoping not to collapse on the uphill portion we will cover before the first mile marker.







Adam Lambert + Queen



I watched this entire concert online Saturday night. What a dream come true for Adam – who sang Bohemian Rhapsody was his audition song for American Idol. Freddie is one of his great inspirations. How amazing is it that a kid from San Diego grew up to step in Freddie’s shoes? In so many ways, Adam is Freddie’s legacy. How fantastic must it be for him to have Brian May and Roger Taylor ASK him to do this? And gush over him constantly? Yes, Adam has his solos career (and I will see him again a couple of weeks in concert for his 2nd album)…but he also was truly born to do this with Queen.

May 16th – Beware of the cookies!


Note to self: – no matter HOW tempting it is to get one those big ass cookies from the cafeteria after lunch – DON’T.

I’m pretty sure the amount of will power it takes to push past the sugar drop from that thing and remain focused at work is greater then pushing myself to keep running up that damn hill around the corner from my house.

It probably doesn’t help that I was inclined towards feeling down after seeing that 15 did not improve his math grade after the last unit test. I mean, it isn’t WORSE, but it also isn’t BETTER and he really needs to bring that up to play football. He’s got one more unit test and homework packet and the final to do it. I suppose I should be happy that he maintained at this point. Argh.

AP history test is tomorrow. We have to be at the testing facility at 7am to check in for an 8am exam! Oh – fun fun fun times I tell ya.

At least the day (pre-cookie) was otherwise productive and fun. I blazed through work AND caught up with some friends while coordinating the purchase of tickets for a hastily announced Adam Lambert concert in July up in Costa Mesa. It’s the Orange County fair venue again where I went on back to back nights back in 2010. GREAT setup there. I didn’t even mind possibly getting back section tickets again since those were plenty fine. But – the sent out a message after 10pm last night that fan club members could get in on a pre-sale this morning. General sale starts Sat. Being at work with a good internet connection I figured I had a decent shot so I contacted my two other Adam fans friends who I knew might not have the best chance to get in on the action this morning. We had fun texting back and forth as a few of us got online together and managed to buy a grand total of 5 tickets. Yes, just FIVE! They were allowing 8 per member, but I don’t know if ANYONE got that many at once. After about a dozen attempts to secure a block I threw up my hands and said “Fine! If I only get one for myself, so be it!” Got one right away and it is an awesome seat. thinking of my friends I went in again and got another single. Then another member on the site messaged me that she had 2 extras she would sell in the same section as one of my singles. SOLD! So, I have four secured. Already promised two to a friend. I knew I could get rid of any extras quickly!

Riding off the high from that I knocked out more stuff at my desk and then took a post-lunch (I eat at my desk) break to start organizing and printing out the new info on pergolas that I had found so that I can update the ebook and website with even better info and  instructions. It was at that point that my brain crashed.

“I’m full.” it said. “No more information input please.”

I toyed with the idea of not running as planned tonight. I’ll probably cut the work day short tomorrow due to the AP exam. Can’t imagine going back to work after I pick up 15 from the test (hey, mom’s get lazy excuses too!) so I figured in addition to running some cat related errands that I would also, you know, run run in the afternoon tomorrow as a bonus. But – driving home I started perking up and decided that I really NEEDED to run in order to have any amount of focusing ability tonight so I planned on going my mid-range route of 2.6 but could cut it short if needed.

Oh, and did I never need! I stopped running at the two mile mark and walked home the last little bit. And those 2 miles were a STRUGGLE. Ah well, at least I did run and I probably will run another short route again tomorrow so – whatever.

I’m spending the rest of the night reading the new book that arrived yesterday:


May 14 – Trespassing!


Arrived today! Of course I’ve been listening to the tracks streaming on his website since last week, but now I get to blast it in the car and finally load it on my phone and not be at the whims of a web stream. I’m pretty much guaranteed to love everything he sings – especially since he will never venture into country 🙂

Anyhow – thanks to the vets office I was able to qualify for an account with Care Credit in order to pay them off and avoid paying interest and finance charges. This is the same company I used when I had my laser eye surgery and they do interest free loans (as long as you pay off within a year) for medical procedures for smaller dollar amounts. I just didn’t know that included vet bills! HUGE relief because paying it off over a year is no problem at all.

I think both cats are still adjusting to the events. Chip is much more affectionate today though he still does NOT want to be picked up at all. We’ve had to start a new feeding routine and Amber is NOT happy about it at all. I’m not overly concerned. She could stand to lose a pound or two and I know she will start eating what is put in front of her in due time.

Work was mellow. It was also potentially mo rtifying though I think I wore the right outfit to cover up my faux pas. I had a slight wardrobe malfunction normally attributed to guys – my fly was down – from when I arrived until 10:00 when I discovered it. Sheesh.

I ran when I got home as planned. My goal is every other day. I’m hoping to do the full 3.2 loop but at the least I will do the 2.6 route. With hill at the end of course because why not torture myself completely? I usually end up keeping rhythm with my steps as I say in my head “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!” I figure it worked for the Little Train so why not me? 🙂 Anyhow I did the full 3.2 tonight but purposefully slower finishing in just under 35 minutes. Felt OK. Not bad, not great, but fine. Hoping to pick up the pace Wednesday night.

No homework drama tonight thankfully.

Keeping in line with last week’s events, I’ll close tonight with a line from the song “Outlaws of Love” that Adam wrote in response to the LGBT struggle but as he points out, it works for anyone who feels threatened over who they love. A Romeo and Juliet interpretation can be applied so to speak as well as his own personal feelings about his freedom to love and marry who he wants:

They say we’ll rot in hell

Well I don’t think we will

They’ve branded us enough

Outlaws of love.

May 8 – of running and deep thoughts and dinner


I did it – woke up and ran the 3.2 mile loop along the trail near my house. And oh, was it hard! I purposefully didn’t wear the heart monitor because I wanted to go slow and not even look at my time along the way. I have enough of a touch of OCD or inner competitiveness that I know if I saw how slow I was going (vs running by how I felt) I would push it too fast. Still – dang!! My feet hurt so much after only 2 miles that I doubted I would be able to make it up the final uphill mile. And yet, I did. Found things around me to focus on and take my mind off my feet (like my truly achy abs that HURT when I took deeper breaths and tortured me all day if I sneezed – dang circuit class!)

Normally I feel pretty pumped from doing a morning run but for some reason I didn’t get that today 😦

Ah well – work was brightened by the news that Adam Lambert’s 2nd album which releases in the US in a week was streaming on his website. I listened to it twice and chair danced the whole time 🙂 Oh how that voice makes me smile.

So – the deep thoughts – well first it was following the efforts today in North Carolina where a pretty odious Amendment was unfortunately voted into place to define marriage in their state constitution as the only type of legal domestic partnership the state will recognize – and of course they limited marriage to only being between one man and one woman. So they effectively did away with ANY type of non-marriage relationship having any legal definition or rights recognized. It eats away at adoption rights and even domestic abuse laws outside of a marriage. Makes me so sad. The rights of a minority should NEVER be voted on my the majority. Also? I really really loathe discrimination and labeling people as “less than” or “other”.

OTOH I was thrilled to hear that San Diego will be the first city in the nation to have a street named after Harvey Milk! That will happen sometime this month for a street in Hillcrest. You can bet I’ll head up there to take a picture when it is dedicated!

So I was going to mention that a co-worker in another department has a really cute sticker on her car that I first noticed yesterday. It’s a little girl kneeling in from of a cross and it says “God answers knee-mail” Hah! Cute huh? Knee mail. Love it.

But then….well, this gal is young and a very overtly devout Christian clearly..and she and I had a debate over evolution last year that was respectful but I remember thinking at some point that she certainly was set in her beliefs so I went pretty easy on her. No point in challenging her that much. Anyhow…she walks during lunch with another co-worker who is pretty non-religious like me. The other day she apparently wore a t-shirt that said “I started out as a fetus so I don’t believe in abortion” (or something along those lines..can’t remember the exact phrasing). Fine – but – she actualy asked my co-worker if she liked the shirt! Lord…it’s one thing to wear a potentially divisive t-shirt, it’s another to draw attention to it and challenge someone to indicate their support or disagreement! Thankfully the other co-worker is more mature and very very sweet and just managed to shrug and not answer and change the subject gracefully. However, she said later she thought of the perfect response and I have to agree it would have been perfect:

“I am pro-choice so I fully support your choice to wear that shirt”


I’d like to chalk this up to the gals youth. But I hope she learns someday that it isn’t necessary to challenge other people on their beliefs like that. I know a lot of Christians who feel like they can’t express their faith in the open – but – like that? The knee mail sticker? Fabulous. The t-shirt? Borderline. The question about the t-shirt? Crossed the line IMHO.

Moving on…

Walked in the door after work to a glorious smell – a roast – in the crock pot! 26 had gone shopping and also has white corn on the cob on the grill. Fabulous! Except?  He did all this at around 3pm so we have to wait until 8 to eat!!! I’m dying in here smelling this!! But – it’s always nice to come home to dinner being prepared for you 🙂

This day must, of course, be rainbow in honor of Equality. Which will happen in my lifetime! It must!