Glee + Adam Lambert = ??



That’s the Facebook status I just posted – oh I am so conflicted!

On the one hand: Yay ADAM!! A weekly taste of him singing and getting to see him act too? LOVE LOVE LOVE. I think he will inject a much needed spark into that show and well, we all know he can outsing any of them currently on there WITHOUT any autotuning (except maybe for Lea Michele).

On the other hand: Dammit! It took me half a season to finally break it off with Glee. Which was probably at least half a season too long. I made it through the Christmas episode last year and then finally deleted it off my DVR schedule. I was already using the fast forward button to get past any story line without Kurt and Rachel and it was getting hard to feel any sort of flow. Mostly I just scowled at the ever more trite and manipulative story lines with the “new” McKinley High glee club that was cobbled together after the original group graduated. It was all just the same stuff recycled with characters who didn’t have any appeal to me in the least. I did, however, really enjoy Kurt & Rachel in New York. I loved that their characters explored new relationships and creative challenges. Their songs were always my favorites. Rachel can flat SING and I would love to hear her voice paired with Adam’s. Kind of not sure who can hit and hold the higher note between those two :))

So fine, Glee – you win me back to get a weekly does of Adam. Just please don’t screw it up too much!

Oh, and don’t you DARE auto tune him. (guess I better load up my iTunes account too. Yes, I will fall prey to downloading the songs he is on!)




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