Further American Idol indulgence


I stumbled across these pics which confirmed something I’d heard about Adam and Kris being pretty tight. I knew they were room mates early on when there were more contestants in the house. I’d also heard something about Kris wearing nail polish which just did NOT jive with his overall image. Well, looky here:

Kris with thmbnail polish to match Adam's

Kris with thumbnail polish to match Adam's

Adam and Kris compare thumbs

Adam and Kris compare thumbs

Apparently they had some kind of brotherhood pact going into the Top Three week and Adam kept his right thumb clean while Kris painted his. How cool is that? And in the end, the pact comes through and it’s the two of them left standing to entertain us next week. I’m a sucker for mushy stories like that 🙂

Even though I am a total Glambert and have been since Michael Jackson week, Kris has been moving up every week to be my #2 choice stories like this make me truly not care at this point who wins.



I’m sorry for all the American Idol commentary, but….it’s my distraction and source of fun and joy from all the hamster wheel stuff, ya know? I’m just bummed it will all be over next week! But…at least America got it right!! Adam vs Kris as it should be next week. The two best and most original by far.

Oh, and for those Adam haters who say all he does is scream…(really? did you miss Mad World and Tracks of My Tears and Feeling Good and???)…do me a favor and just find one studio version of one of his songs and listen to it. What they sell on itunes is the full length version of their performance songs and they are often quite different from the live versions. I know many who hated Adam’s rendition this week of U2’s One, but I just downloaded the studio version and it is so so wonderful and there is NO screaming! I promise. I’ve been turned on to the ways of buying these songs this season! And I am thrilled that he gets one more week to add to my collection! By the time the season is over I will have a 15 song CD which will help me bide my time until he can release his own original songs. Which I have no doubt he will do whether he wins or not. Heck, I’ll probably snag a few of Kris’ tunes too – definitely getting Heartless because that was brilliant.

“My smile is my makeup I wear since my breakup with you”

Love that line (Tracks of my Tears)

Can’t be all bad if I have some good songs in my head!

Oh – and on a side note I’ll post pictures tomorrow night of my little catcher.