Further American Idol indulgence

I stumbled across these pics which confirmed something I’d heard about Adam and Kris being pretty tight. I knew they were room mates early on when there were more contestants in the house. I’d also heard something about Kris wearing nail polish which just did NOT jive with his overall image. Well, looky here:

Kris with thmbnail polish to match Adam's
Kris with thumbnail polish to match Adam's
Adam and Kris compare thumbs
Adam and Kris compare thumbs

Apparently they had some kind of brotherhood pact going into the Top Three week and Adam kept his right thumb clean while Kris painted his. How cool is that? And in the end, the pact comes through and it’s the two of them left standing to entertain us next week. I’m a sucker for mushy stories like that 🙂

Even though I am a total Glambert and have been since Michael Jackson week, Kris has been moving up every week to be my #2 choice stories like this make me truly not care at this point who wins.

9 thoughts on “Further American Idol indulgence

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  1. Love Kris more than Adam. Both of them are great but their music are different. I just love Kris’ music more. Go Kris!!!


  2. I love both of them so much. I will be casting all my votes for Adam because he’s been my Idol since Bohemian Rhapsody, but if Kris wins it will be ok because I know Adam is going to be just fine. 🙂


  3. American Idol seems to be everywhere at the moment! I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise. I’m always a little bit intrigued by how rapidly these guys reach cult hero status.


  4. Adam deserves to win. He is the more electrifying performer and has been stellar every week.

    I also love Kris and am so glad he moved up to #2.

    But Adam FTW


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