More Snapshots


And now, the rest of the weekend in pictures to limit my writing time 🙂

Start line for the Chargers 5k on Sat morning

Yes, the race was THIS crowded!

In the stadium after the race – we were both not happy with our times. It was hot, hilly and crowded on the course.

I finished in 31:25 and 15 finished in 25:08. The best part was the ramp entrance into the stadium at the end. It was a perfect downhill and it totally shot you into sprint mode no matter how tired you felt and we both totally flew across the finish line grinning. Of course, neither of us remembered to look up and SEE ourselves do that.

Post race beer with the girls on Sat afternoon. Got to keep the sweet glass.

Renee on Sunday morning in Solana Beach heading in to drop gear off at transition

All smiles pre-race.

Unfortunately, she had a very rough time in the ocean – this was her first open ocean race – and *only* placed 6th. Which just shows how well she did on the bike and run despite feeling dead from simply trying to survive the swim.

Post race day at the races – watching horses run instead of us! Coach Tanja teaching us how to bet.

The racetrack day was a blast. I learned a ton about how to bet on the races and even with minimum wagers I was up $10 and had won something in half the races. Then came the last one when I decided to kind of go for it and just bet along with Tanja who had won something EVERY race (including a pretty hefty trifecta in race #4). And of course, the last race is only one we ALL lost (dammit!). Still, within the group the ones who had a little money to play with (meaning able to place more than the minimum bet) won a pretty nice chunk.

We followed up with a celebratory dinner (paid for by one of the big winners) which made for a VERY long day of activities since I left the house initially at 5:30am and didn’t get home until 8:30pm. It was one of those weekends when I now need a weekend to recover from the weekend! Phew!







Dear blustery day


You just turned what should have been my fastest 5k race yet into the hardest run I’ve ever done and I’m counting the 5-8 mile training runs I’ve completed!! Lord, that was so damn hard. Wind gusts up to 30mph all morning and they ONLY seemed to be coming at our faces or from the side. NO forgiving tailwinds at all. Consequently both 15 and I were nearly 3 minutes slower than the last time we ran this same course. It still meant a 3rd place finish for him at 24:46. I finished in 33 minutes even. But, I had NO sprint kick energy to expend at the end and while he did – it cost him his breakfast. He crossed the finish line and painted the pavement off to the side just after. We are now calling him the No Puking, No Podium finisher since the last time he puked (mid-race), he came in 2nd 🙂 The races he has not puked, no podium. Of course, what that means is that he is pushing himself much too hard to get those faster times, but have you tried telling a teenage boy what to do? Exactly! Mine is either Mr NO motivation or clearly – too much motivation!! Anyway, I few pics from the bluster, blustery day and then I am going to try to continue to thaw out. It was also a tad chilly (low 50s)

Leg Up Team cheering committee before I got started.

The sky is beautiful - the conditions? Harsh. But I was smiling!

He was facing the wind as you can tell by the hair. But then, we seemed to always be running INTO that wind!

The reward for puking - podium finish!

Weather conditions for the (now) duathalon tomorrow will be better. They still can’t swim since the recent rain made the water too dirty, but the will run/bike/run/bike/run. 15 is NOT doing that this year. The only crazy racer tomorrow is Renee. But the wind will be gone, no chance of rain and it will just be cold, but sunny.

And while the conditions today were a bit of an adventure, I would like to go on record as stating that I hope I don’t have to deal with that on a race day again!

Today was a day for small bears and their friends. Not necessarily for runners 🙂 So wind wind, go away and do not come again another day.

Love, me


Fearless Tri


It would take me all day to post pics and story in here, so, here’s my favorite shot from the day:

He looks good, but he is running past his dad and I asking “Is it NORMAL to not be able to feel my hands or feet?!”

Well, yeah, when you’ve already swam in that cold water behind you for 375 meters, biked around the island beyond that water where the air as you are traveling over 20 mph is more frigid than the water, and finished a 2.5k run only to face doing all three over again!! Since his wave was the first one they hit the water at 7am and I am quite certain the air was still in the 50s and lord knows the water temp!

Photos are here in my Picassa web album with comments periodically on the photos telling the story. I was primarily chasing Alex but if I could turn around and catch my other team members racing by I would get shots of them too. Matt (bike coach) took off in the wave after Alex but we are pretty sure he passed him IN the water, or at least in transition from swim to bike. Eve took off 15 minutes after Alex and Renee took off 20 mins back. Given that they can swim so much better, they ended up at least often within 5 minutes of transitioning past Alex one way or the other so I saw them a lot. As a spectator/photographer, this was FUN. There was not a moment of rest for me once that first horn went off until our last racer finished nearly 2 hours later. People were in costume again so it was really entertaining.

Tomorrow? SLEEP!

Fearless 5K race – we did it!


Pre-race coaching

Beautiful morning along the bay

Yes, people raced in Halloween costumes. I paced myself with Superman and Batgirl

Cheerleaders taking a break while I slaved away 🙂

Still smiling half way through

Coming in for the finish - notice the cowbell. That's head cheerleader Alex.

I finished in 30:36 with a pace of 9:52 – which is well under my goal of 33mins – I broke the 10:00 mile pace! Wahoo!!

45 mins after my wave – Alex and I traded places:

It's easy to look so fresh at the start he looking tired?

OK...maybe not...darn kids.....

OK, NOW he really does look rough - turns out he was about to barf.....which he thankfully did OFF camera around a corner - while still running.

A little lighter now - he sprints to the finish.

YES! He's TIRED! Makes his dad and I feel a little better anyhow.

Alex didn’t quite meet his goal of a sub-20minute run. But considering he stopped to throw up at around the 3 mile mark and has not run this distance since the Spring Sprint triathlon (when he ran the same course in 25 minutes after swimming and biking) – his time of 21.03 was still pretty awesome. That’s a 6:47 pace. Boggles MY mind and body! And, he finished 2nd in his age group only 20 second behind the winner


The Leg Up Team

Coach Tanja towers over us in many ways – she’s the reason I even got off the sofa and started working out. She graciously took on the challenge of a teenager in her circuit training classes and then she, Matt (not pictured), Renee and Evangeline have supported him with coaching, hand me down equipment and overall encouragement. Renee and Eve took on an even bigger task – when I expressed a crack in my armor of running loathing – they jumped right in and gently walked me through getting myself into running. They took me out on their training runs and patiently let me jog at my own pace and build up distance and then speed. Without the support of all four of them – yes, I count Alex in for pushing me even though there is no way in hell I can *compete* with him – I could not legitimately call myself a runner.

And tomorrow? I have an even bigger challenge – I have to take pictures and cheer on all of THEM in the triathlon event. Pretty sure I’m going to be DONE around 10am tomorrow.

Final stats:

Race week!


This is a massive race weekend for us. Alex and I are both running in the 5k on Saturday and he (and all of our Leg UP teammates) is doing the triathlon. It’s a little different because it is swim/bike/run/swim/bike/run – yep, 6 laps. The TOTAL distance is still the same as a classic sprint triathlon that they normally do, but sliced in smaller chunks. So, imagine me, on Sunday, trying to take photos of everyone as they scamper all over the damn place!! I swear I am going to be more worn out taking photos than I will after my own run on Saturday. Of course, it isn’t a RACE for me in the classic sense unless you count that I will be racing myself. I’m hoping to at LEAST beat my own best time of 33mins. Alex wants to run it in 20 mins. Yeah, slightly different goals there 🙂

And now to the complaint portion:

So TODAY I went out with Eve & Renee before work to run sprints. It was a great workout actually. I didn’t feel nearly as wiped out after it as I feared, BUT, I also didn’t have a spring in my step when I got to work, right? So, what do I find there? Well, the elevator is not working for a 2nd day in a row which is fine since I pretty much never take it AND I tend to get to the basement and just stay there until I leave for the day. But today, the bathrooms in the basement – ALL OF THEM – were out of service while some emergency repairs were being done. So we had to go UP stairs. TWO floors. Every time. No elevator. It just figures this happens on the day I did a sprint workout, right?!!

Can you believe I did a sprint workout and LIKED IT?

Can you believe I am RUNNING a 5k this weekend?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure hell is a bit warmer this week 🙂

La Jolla Cove


I don’t mean to only post updates on Sundays, but….here we go again! No formal race event today, but the training group did invite us out for some open water swim time at La Jolla Cove.

While they were in the water, I took pictures. Some of the swimmers, some of the wildlife all around them. There is one photo of a sea lion’s head poking out of the water just behind them. Several times they were surrounded by the seals. The Cove is a great place for swimming and scuba diving so the water was filled with people.

I was glad I had the wildlife to distract me because once they were out of the cove and heading out to open water I got a lot more nervous for him than I had anticipated! Even with swim partners, he just looked so awkward since he has not really gotten enough practice at swimming in general and never completely put his head down and got a good swim stroke going. I thought his dad had spent some time teaching him last summer – but NO! Argh!

Still, it was fine and I did see some cool sights. The best was an Osprey cleaning itself up on a light pole right above the life guard tower so I got some great close up shots (and to watch it instead of the swimmers!).

Lots of pics of bobbing heads. Bright pink, yellow & white swim caps were with SB who had on nothing since we left his orange swim cap from the tri at home (sigh).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For those interested, his write of his Spring Sprint in his own words has been posted on LegUp Training Blog.

Click HERE to read it.

Not exactly the *perfect* Sunday, but considering that I ran/hiked 4.8 miles at Torrey Pines yesterday AND spent four hours pulling weeds from my flagstone walkway? An hour at La Jolla Cove with me NOT exercising was plenty fine!

Quickie race results


Post race pose - still standing!

More complete race report (combo of me and the participant) later this week. I’m zapped out!

From the time stamps on the tweets I sent this morning:

6:55am – in the water, staying towards the back to avoid being kicked or getting in the way of the fast swimmers. First race in a wet suit & open water so this was a wise move.

7:11am – I post that he is ON HIS BIKE. That is 16 mins from in the water, swim 1/4 mile, run out (tossing goggles to his dad since he forgot his and his dad’s wave started a full hour later), into transition, wiggle out of wet suit, realize he forgot his towel too so fan dry his feet, pull on socks, bike shoes & helmet and then head out. Seriously, that was pretty damn quick.

7:44am – I post that he is entering the transition area  – he came flying in on his bike looking VERY strong, fast & smiling. So fast of course, that I couldn’t get a picture dammit! Anyhow, that’s 33 mins to ride 9 miles.

8:11am – I post that he’s done. Hah – 8:11 – his birthday 🙂 So I calculated in my head that I thought he would be in from 1:15-1:18 (rounding up in case I had miscalculated my time segments)

Official time was 1:15:34 – 5 out of 6 in his age group (fasted guy is one we’ve seen at both time trials & who I saw at the Coronado sprint came in at under an hour). More importantly we are fairly sure he beat his dad handily – which was his goal. THIS time 🙂