Dear blustery day

You just turned what should have been my fastest 5k race yet into the hardest run I’ve ever done and I’m counting the 5-8 mile training runs I’ve completed!! Lord, that was so damn hard. Wind gusts up to 30mph all morning and they ONLY seemed to be coming at our faces or from the side. NO forgiving tailwinds at all. Consequently both 15 and I were nearly 3 minutes slower than the last time we ran this same course. It still meant a 3rd place finish for him at 24:46. I finished in 33 minutes even. But, I had NO sprint kick energy to expend at the end and while he did – it cost him his breakfast. He crossed the finish line and painted the pavement off to the side just after. We are now calling him the No Puking, No Podium finisher since the last time he puked (mid-race), he came in 2nd 🙂 The races he has not puked, no podium. Of course, what that means is that he is pushing himself much too hard to get those faster times, but have you tried telling a teenage boy what to do? Exactly! Mine is either Mr NO motivation or clearly – too much motivation!! Anyway, I few pics from the bluster, blustery day and then I am going to try to continue to thaw out. It was also a tad chilly (low 50s)

Leg Up Team cheering committee before I got started.
The sky is beautiful - the conditions? Harsh. But I was smiling!
He was facing the wind as you can tell by the hair. But then, we seemed to always be running INTO that wind!
The reward for puking - podium finish!

Weather conditions for the (now) duathalon tomorrow will be better. They still can’t swim since the recent rain made the water too dirty, but the will run/bike/run/bike/run. 15 is NOT doing that this year. The only crazy racer tomorrow is Renee. But the wind will be gone, no chance of rain and it will just be cold, but sunny.

And while the conditions today were a bit of an adventure, I would like to go on record as stating that I hope I don’t have to deal with that on a race day again!

Today was a day for small bears and their friends. Not necessarily for runners 🙂 So wind wind, go away and do not come again another day.

Love, me


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