Floral Inspiration





Don’t you wish there was a scratch & sniff computer app? That jasmine is so wonderful. Yes, that’s the same plant that I had to chop down to nearly nothing before the fence was put in late in 2011. There were a few small branches of blooms last year, but this year, I think they will be back to nearly full strength.

Given that this week – yes, the last week of February which has been established to be the Monday of Months – I have to struggle with performance evaluations in a system that is still, STILL, not user friendly at all, these flowers really helped to improve my mood. Memo to HR, get your shit together please. It’s 2014, and I’d like to use an e-form designed in this decade and a rating system that allows for more than an increase from 3.44 to 3.47 overall score (on a scale of 5). How useless and unmotivating is THAT?

Anyway……I need to dive into that whether I like it or not. Happy Wednesday – book club report to follow later this week.

May Day Sunshine


It was 64 degrees as I drove in to work this morning. Gray and cloudy like the videos below. However, word on the weather news was that we would gain a hefty 25 degrees in the next 48 hours. Yipes!

After a mildly annoying day filled with miscommunication, lack of communication and then a cancelled meeting (not yet re-scheduled which is also annoying since it needs to happen by Friday, grrrr)…I remembered that perhaps I should check out the outdoors to see if the sun was out at least.

Yes, it was and yes, it was already feeling warmer. Photos from a much needed walk today are a little bit brighter as a result

Afternoon walk at work 5-1-13

Click on the collage to see it full sized. I played a little more with borders and backgrounds. I love the single, bright red leaf in that one tree. A holdover from the fall? I don’t know, but it sure stands out.

Springtime Flowers


I went home for lunch earlier this week and was treated to this spectacular display for the first time this year. It’s either been cloudy, or, by the time I get home even if it is still light out, some of the flowers are starting to close. (nearly all of the daisies and groundcover close up at night). What I LOVE about my yard is that all of those flowers are self-propagating. I haven’t planted anything on that hillside in years. All we have to do is pull some weeds in spots where the yellow flower ground cover hasn’t totally taken over yet towards the back end of the hill. Which is what 16 and I were doing last weekend meaning I could take this pictures knowing it wouldn’t look TOO unkept!

Enjoy – oh, but maybe take a zyrtec if you have allergies – ACHOO!






Cats, flowers, and the moon – oh my!


Amber posing for her closeup. She's up on the midway point stair rail ledge.

Amber poses above the Crooked Acres Cat Calendar for 2011 feature the November pinup feline - Sugarbutt. We sure do love our Crooked Acres kitties!

Mini Daffodils all confused and blooming in October

Plumbago adding some blue to the corner

Mini fuschia up close - check out the drop of water to the far right. I love this camera's close up setting!

Standard size single fuschia - as confused as the daffodils it is still covered in flowers in the fall!

Lobelia in it's last throes with daffodils & plumbago in the background

The full and pre-storm glowing moon from last week.

Does anyone know which planet is right there next to the moon in the sky? It was also super bright Wednesday night.

So those are my samples as I keep trying to learn how to use the new Canon EOS Rebel. So many auto settings that I am still only have partially figured out and don’t even get me started on the manual ones!

Now I get to start the “taking photos of holiday lights at night” experiment. Because yes, Renee & and I put up indoor lights at both our places this weekend. While Eve napped of course, she’s the Grinchy one 😉 We figured that Thanksgiving is so early and now it’s dark early, so why not get a head start on adding some sparkle to our lives? You sure don’t need to twist my arm!

Let the sun shine!



Mini daffodils in bloom

Saturday version of Friday beauty. Some pictures from this week in the back yard. I know daffodils are supposed to be February flowers, but these mini daffodil bulbs that I bought several years ago can’t wait that long. They are also becoming more and more prolific year to year. The spikes poked out in late October and the flowers started bursting out in December. They are at their peak now in this one pot, but a new set of plants have seeded in the other pot and are just starting to bloom. It’s such a lovely burst of yellow and orange against the wall in the corner and when you get close there is even a really lovely scent. I’ve never had daffodils before so these are a fun and cheerful discovery and I will surely continue to encourage them spreading themselves around the yard. Enjoy these lovely little bursts of floral sunshine. I’m going to enjoy the real sunshine in my yard. The bands of rain seem to have passed and now it’s down right warm and dry again. I am not complaining 🙂