Springtime Flowers

I went home for lunch earlier this week and was treated to this spectacular display for the first time this year. It’s either been cloudy, or, by the time I get home even if it is still light out, some of the flowers are starting to close. (nearly all of the daisies and groundcover close up at night). What I LOVE about my yard is that all of those flowers are self-propagating. I haven’t planted anything on that hillside in years. All we have to do is pull some weeds in spots where the yellow flower ground cover hasn’t totally taken over yet towards the back end of the hill. Which is what 16 and I were doing last weekend meaning I could take this pictures knowing it wouldn’t look TOO unkept!

Enjoy – oh, but maybe take a zyrtec if you have allergies – ACHOO!






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  1. Totally jealous!! I’ve got a few tiny pink hyacinths up and a small patch of daffodils, still just bubs. Though the damn lawn (with weeds) is growing too fast already. And today it’s back to the 40’s and raining. Thanks for the reminder though of what is to come! 🙂


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