The Most Obvious Co-opting of #BringBackOurGirls I’ve Seen Yet

Yes, I am counting this as a Merry Month of May post – hey one of the suggested topics is to write about something currently happening in the news! Anyway, since I do want folks to be educated about the quality, or lack thereof, in media – here you go. What gets me is that this isn’t even political in nature – which is when you would think a reporter might have a bias. No, this is simply laziness and wanting to publish some click bait on the most rapidly trending story.

Take this as a lesson in being highly skeptical of even the most mainstream of news sources. One would hope – no, one *should* be able to TRUST that an outlet like ABC News would spend a mere 5 minutes fact checking this claim. Kudos to Vent for sniffing this out. Please read what he found.

Cultured State

Ramaa Mosley is attempting to co-opt the #BringBackOurGirls movement, and I am not here for any of this.

Yesterday, ABC News (of the United States) made up a profile on the newsmagazine Nightline of Ramaa Mosley, and essentially credited her with creating the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag—for those wondering, it refers to the 234 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigera weeks ago, that haven’t been found as of yet. And I have a problem: the claim just isn’t true.

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Cancer is not a game, and neither is sports anymore

This has been eviction week #2 which meant outpatient surgery to remove two perfectly round 2cm sized fibroids that were benign but excruciatingly annoying as hell for the last few months. While it was a very easy procedure, it does mean that I am spending a lot of time just lounging around and reading a lot. As... Continue Reading →

Election Result follow up

The day after an election is often spent by both sides reflecting on what they did correctly or incorrectly. Winners and losers assess what happened. Unfortunately, what has been observed over the last couple of Presidential election cycles is that one side isn't quite getting that the electorate is changing. Demographically, and socially, voters are... Continue Reading →

Be careful what you share on Facebook. An illustrative guide on how lies and misconceptions are spread.

Be careful what you share on Facebook. An illustrative guide on how lies and misconceptions are spread.. Fascinating look at how you really need to question what you read on the internet! People are so very easily misled. Since it's technically about a political article, I posted it over on my Politics and Media site.

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