Dear Liza

How’s your weekend starting out?

Mine is fabulous. Why? Well because I love my new Saturday mornings.

I know, I should be sad about 15 no longer playing spring sports – specifically baseball. After all, that’s the sport he’s played the longest. 9 months out of the year essentially since he was 5. And as a sports fan, baseball is my first love and his. We had all those years of season tickets to Padres games that are some of my most treasured memories of time spent with him. BUT…..

Dayum it’s nice to be able to sleep in and lounge around on Sat morning! There’s great tv on for me. I just LOVE MSNBC on the weekend. Starting with Up with the smartest man on tv – Chris Hayes. Then followed by Melissa Harris Perry and Nerdland. Both hosts are quite liberal of course which appeals to me, but they also both gather panels of mixed political leanings and give them the time and luxury to have respectful discussions. No talking over each other. No screaming. Just fabulous, in depth conversations on hard topics. While I get the time to just rest my body in bed, my brain gets totally filled to overflowing with these brilliant shows. I watch them on the DVR so I can pause and get breakfast and have breakfast in bed every Sat.

Since the rest of the day is open I can lounge without guilt. And I know 15 loves sleeping in!! As all teens do of course. If I see him before noon I wonder if he’s sick!!
And the cats? Yeah, lounging in bed with me is heaven for them.
Oh yeah! Yesterday! The run was great. Would have been home in an hour if not for the damn red lights that stopped me at every intersection. Definitely easier to run home. I’ll end this note with some snapshots I took on the early, scenic, downhill part or my run commute. Have a great weekend, rainy or not 😉

Sage flowers blooming at top of Torrey Pines Hill looking east towards home.
A peak of the ocean and stormy skies looking west from Torrey Pines Hill
Sun peaking through stormy skies at Torrey Pines
Torrey Pines beach with storm clouds looming

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  1. I am an MSNBC watcher…from First Look through at least Andrea weekdays, and Rachel Maddow rerun through Melissa weekends…I like smart discussions, I like the roundtable, multi-faceted format of so many of the shows. I guess it helps that they are playing my song, politically, most of the time…


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