Colorful Marriage Equality Map


(Oh look, my post ideas for May list suggests I comment on an article in the news – I can do that!)

From Wikipedia:






Of course, it is my humble opinion that this map will look it’s finest when it is entirely navy blue, but until then…this has been a pretty good week!

19 states with full recognition. 9 more with current stays delaying judicial rulings that have stricken down existing bans.

By the end of 2014, it is entirely possible to have more than half the states in the navy column.

That’s pretty flipping amazing when you consider where we were in 2008, when I thought I would lose one of my best friends because he was SO MAD at California and the Prop 8 results. I couldn’t blame him – that was such a disheartening time. But, I said then, and it has proven to be true, that every defeat is actually a small step forward because it generates more activism in response. Now, looks at us. Sure, it’s the usual pattern of the “liberal elite coastlines” that have filled in first. But hey – it started in Iowa! And there’s New Mexico sticking out over there in the mountain west area. Yes, I am happy my son will be going to college in a navy blue state.

You know what really makes me happy though? Knowing that he will largely live in times when this is no longer an issue. Looking back from the edge of 50 to when I was 18, I can tell you he will nearly completely forget what a struggle this has been. It’s happened while he was an unaware child (though he did know about what happened in ’08 and couldn’t fathom why folks were voting on the right of people to marry), and most likely by the time he really starts paying attention to social issues such as these, it will be done.

He will look back from age 50 and say “Wow, this was up for debate?!”

Where do you take your cell phone?


Cell phone in bathroom

During my often adventurous travels around Indiana last week, the mom I was riding with and I stopped at a Panera for lunch. As I got up to go to the bathroom, I left my purse with my cell phone in it, at the table with my companion. The lady who charged in front of me to get into the bathroom didn’t. In fact, she was in mid conversation with the phone up to her ear as she walked, never looking up once to see that she’d cut me off as we entered the narrow hallway. With her free hand she shoved the door open with a force that would have knocked over any poor soul attempting to exit at that moment. There was someone in there at the sink washing their hands, but it was a tiny bathroom with on two stalls. Both were empty and she went into the first one.

Talking. The entire time!

Tiny bathroom. Me in the stall right next to her, hearing everything yet doing my best to tune it out. I was more appalled/self conscious about the fact the whoever she was talking to could probably hear ALL the background noise (if you know what I mean!)

She never stopped once, & never apologized for talking while in the bathroom even though it had to be obvious.

At least she did wash her hands – propping the phone on her shoulder and talking away as she did.

As someone who is irritated when co-workers bring cell phones in to meetings and continue texting conversations while there and even answer calls (stepping out as they do, but still clearly interrupting the meeting!), you can imagine the amount of raised eyebrows and side eye I was giving to this rude woman. At least the lady I was traveling with was equally appalled.

Be honest though – have you become so attached to your phone that you would continue a conversation in a public restroom? Have talked while on the toilet at home? Would you take your phone into a workplace meeting and keep responding to text messages and calls?

Where do you draw the line? Or, do you at all?


Santa Ana winds – Beauty and the Beast


Gorgeous water colors at Torrey Pines Beach.

Gorgeous water colors at Torrey Pines Beach.

A rare 2nd time in the month of May – the winds shift from coming off the ocean in the west bringing moisture and cool air to blowing in from the desert through the mountain canyons at the east. Hot, dry and extremely gusty. It brings temps as high as 90 right at the ocean and amazingly clear, blue skies and ocean water.

2014-05-13 12.40.23

Deep, blue skies and constant gusting wind up to 40mph.

Deep, blue skies and constant gusting wind up to 40mph.

Unfortunately, there is an ugly side to this weather pattern. Humidity is down to 9%. We’ve had severe drought conditions for a year now in California. That means we have a red flag fire warning.

2014-05-13 12.56.15

Sure enough – in the middle of a lot of new construction, but obviously with plenty of brush to fuel it, a fire is burning just east of where I work and live. These views are from the helipad on the eastern edge of the NU administrative headquarters on the Torrey Pines ridge.

Zooming in on the smoke.

Zooming in on the smoke.

I’m now sitting at my desk watching a live video feed – here’s a couple of screen shots of the worst parts:

4S fire 4S Fire 2

So far, no structures have burned. However, they are now evacuating some communities in the range of the fire. The wind is blowing due west which is pretty much towards me – BUT – lots of developed areas are in between and it would take a LOT to be threatening to my house or anything else. My son’s high school is being used as an evacuation center for the neighborhoods that are being told to clear out.

Sigh….all of this the day before we are due to leave for Indiana. Guess I’d better coach oldest son on evacuation procedures with the cats! Sheesh. Hoping very much that they get this under control. I am deeply impressed watching this live feed to see how many choppers are doing air drops and to see a Cal Fire tanker plane dropping fire retardant. It’s crazy to see how quickly this thing is advancing despite all that though….if they didn’t have that air support…..


Mud Grant Channels His Inner Tina Turner


If this doesn’t make you smile on a Monday, I just don’t know what will:

Friar Wire

Mud aka Tina ICYMI last week, Padres TV analyst  Mark Grant got his Tina Turner on in the FOX Sports San Diego broadcast booth during the Marlins vs. Padres game. Looks like those extra-inning games sparked something inside Mud Cat.

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Barely a Post


On the team bus at 10am.
Arrive Cal State Long Beach 12:45
Spend entire bus ride & ensuing down time until the game chatting with other moms (very lovely).
Match starts at 3:30.
Sit through tense, poorly officiated (unless you were the other team) So Cal U18 club finals that results in our team losing 21-16 (Alex doesn’t play at all. Very few subs did. He’s totally fine with that).
Get on bus and go to crappy pizza place.
Continue enjoying time with moms & coaches generally bitching about the game but also feeling positive about Nationals tournament coming up.
Back on bus.
Home a little after 8pm.
Notice that a second application of sunscreen might have been a good idea :/
These are the glory days, right? 🙂

Some of My Favorite Links


A friend questioned me on the wisdom of taking on a daily blogging challenge this month. He’s right – that was a rather crazy thing to do right now. I *thought* I would be able to pile up some posts early on that I could schedule out. Hah!

I absolutely NEED to do that somehow over the next four days because I will be traveling with Alex’s rugby team from Wed-Sat. The second half of the month will be much easier, but this next 10 days…yikes!

OK, enough whining – today’s suggested topic – a list of useful/favorite links.

Urban Dictionary

A friend actually asked me the other day what “ROFLMAO” meant after I texted it to her in response to something she had sent me. So I sent her that handy link right there to save for future use in case she saw another acronym she didn’t know. Beyond looking up something specific though, this site is a sometimes too revealing peek into the daily lives & conversations of today’s teens and twenty-somethings. Just scroll down through the daily submissions of terms/phrases on the main page and go ahead and clutch your pearls! Am I glad I’m way old and beyond all that drama + nonsense!!


One would hope that *everyone* knows about Snopes by now. Heck, even my parents know about it! And yet…I still see people on Facebook naively passing around stories as if they are true. Now, what I *like* about Snopes is that, if something is true, they will tell you. They don’t simply set out to debunk wild tales – they will get right down in the weeds to source it if they can. I linked up there to their Hot 25 page listing the 25 most widely circulated legends for today. You’ll notice the Heartbleed Bug on there which is a verified real threat to your online security.


Ah, Facebook – where not only will people pass on those old & new urban legends, but they will also fall for every scam created specifically *for* the Facebook user. I swear that site is awesome for connecting with old friends and family. However, there are SO MANY users who otherwise do not use the internet that much and are not savvy or skeptical at all about what they find on there. So they fall victim to scams created just for their special brand of internet naivete. What I love about Facecrooks is that they not only highlight FB specific scams, but they also provide excellent up to the minute advice on how to keep your Facebook page secure.

BuzzFeed Animals

No, really – I know BuzzFeed is annoying to many folks, but honestly the animals section is a sure fire place to go to wipe your brain of any stresses you might have. Read too much bad news on all those other more serious sites? Just click over onto a page like the 100 Most Important Cat Pictures and see how quickly you start to relax, smile, and laugh.

Cat 98