Colorful Marriage Equality Map

(Oh look, my post ideas for May list suggests I comment on an article in the news – I can do that!)

From Wikipedia:






Of course, it is my humble opinion that this map will look it’s finest when it is entirely navy blue, but until then…this has been a pretty good week!

19 states with full recognition. 9 more with current stays delaying judicial rulings that have stricken down existing bans.

By the end of 2014, it is entirely possible to have more than half the states in the navy column.

That’s pretty flipping amazing when you consider where we were in 2008, when I thought I would lose one of my best friends because he was SO MAD at California and the Prop 8 results. I couldn’t blame him – that was such a disheartening time. But, I said then, and it has proven to be true, that every defeat is actually a small step forward because it generates more activism in response. Now, looks at us. Sure, it’s the usual pattern of the “liberal elite coastlines” that have filled in first. But hey – it started in Iowa! And there’s New Mexico sticking out over there in the mountain west area. Yes, I am happy my son will be going to college in a navy blue state.

You know what really makes me happy though? Knowing that he will largely live in times when this is no longer an issue. Looking back from the edge of 50 to when I was 18, I can tell you he will nearly completely forget what a struggle this has been. It’s happened while he was an unaware child (though he did know about what happened in ’08 and couldn’t fathom why folks were voting on the right of people to marry), and most likely by the time he really starts paying attention to social issues such as these, it will be done.

He will look back from age 50 and say “Wow, this was up for debate?!”

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