Where do you take your cell phone?

Cell phone in bathroom

During my often adventurous travels around Indiana last week, the mom I was riding with and I stopped at a Panera for lunch. As I got up to go to the bathroom, I left my purse with my cell phone in it, at the table with my companion. The lady who charged in front of me to get into the bathroom didn’t. In fact, she was in mid conversation with the phone up to her ear as she walked, never looking up once to see that she’d cut me off as we entered the narrow hallway. With her free hand she shoved the door open with a force that would have knocked over any poor soul attempting to exit at that moment. There was someone in there at the sink washing their hands, but it was a tiny bathroom with on two stalls. Both were empty and she went into the first one.

Talking. The entire time!

Tiny bathroom. Me in the stall right next to her, hearing everything yet doing my best to tune it out. I was more appalled/self conscious about the fact the whoever she was talking to could probably hear ALL the background noise (if you know what I mean!)

She never stopped once, & never apologized for talking while in the bathroom even though it had to be obvious.

At least she did wash her hands – propping the phone on her shoulder and talking away as she did.

As someone who is irritated when co-workers bring cell phones in to meetings and continue texting conversations while there and even answer calls (stepping out as they do, but still clearly interrupting the meeting!), you can imagine the amount of raised eyebrows and side eye I was giving to this rude woman. At least the lady I was traveling with was equally appalled.

Be honest though – have you become so attached to your phone that you would continue a conversation in a public restroom? Have talked while on the toilet at home? Would you take your phone into a workplace meeting and keep responding to text messages and calls?

Where do you draw the line? Or, do you at all?


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