Glee + Adam Lambert = ??




That’s the Facebook status I just posted – oh I am so conflicted!

On the one hand: Yay ADAM!! A weekly taste of him singing and getting to see him act too? LOVE LOVE LOVE. I think he will inject a much needed spark into that show and well, we all know he can outsing any of them currently on there WITHOUT any autotuning (except maybe for Lea Michele).

On the other hand: Dammit! It took me half a season to finally break it off with Glee. Which was probably at least half a season too long. I made it through the Christmas episode last year and then finally deleted it off my DVR schedule. I was already using the fast forward button to get past any story line without Kurt and Rachel and it was getting hard to feel any sort of flow. Mostly I just scowled at the ever more trite and manipulative story lines with the “new” McKinley High glee club that was cobbled together after the original group graduated. It was all just the same stuff recycled with characters who didn’t have any appeal to me in the least. I did, however, really enjoy Kurt & Rachel in New York. I loved that their characters explored new relationships and creative challenges. Their songs were always my favorites. Rachel can flat SING and I would love to hear her voice paired with Adam’s. Kind of not sure who can hit and hold the higher note between those two :))

So fine, Glee – you win me back to get a weekly does of Adam. Just please don’t screw it up too much!

Oh, and don’t you DARE auto tune him. (guess I better load up my iTunes account too. Yes, I will fall prey to downloading the songs he is on!)




May 25th – Losing Steam


Uh oh – I guess I should be impressed that I maintained my motivation to write in here every day for this long!

I was literally in bed before I remembered tonight.

Can you blame me? It’s Friday. It’s been an intense week. I left work after FINALLY training with my co-worker on her tasks about as late as we possibly could today. If anything at all goes wrong in this upgrade process this weekend and we cannot start testing until after 2pm Sunday, then I have to cover two systems. That’s fine – but I haven’t worked on a daily basis in the Asset Management side in several years and I really needed a refresher. I’ll be fine, but let’s all of us out there in internet land cross our fingers for a smooth process ok?

Meanwhile, after spending every night this week heading out *somewhere* I was just thrilled to get home and not have to go anywhere.

The problem is that I did have to write. Just studying the first module of the web business design class has reinforced to me how much the site AND the ebook need upgrades. To my dear friend who amusingly pointed out that having the read the word “pergola” in every other sentence was jarring – I agree! Thankfully the focus on heavily laden keyword articles for SEO placement is falling away. Now I get to write for CONTENT, simply placing the keywords in more naturally occurring places. I was fighting that all along so this will be much easier. But, it also means yet more re-writing. Argh!

So after a rather disappointing Bistro Meal package dinner of shrimp risotto, I got down to the business of improving the business. Two new website articles and the first chapter of the ebook are revamped and I’ve got the new chapter titles and approximate order of them assigned.

After all that I watched the season finale of Glee 🙂 Needed the total focus shift. I still love that show. It’s more of a guilty pleasure now and other’s have fallen off the trendy bandwagon (especially since some episodes did sink into silliness), but I still laugh and cry and smile and sing along with the songs. Kurt’s dad doing “Put a Ring On It”? Utterly, perfectly, touching and hysterical. Love those two characters and their interactions.

Anyhow – a moment of beauty – no pictures today. That would have meant I prepared! But, as I was typing away in the blissful silence of the house because all other occupants were gone…well THAT was a moment of beauty for sure. Then off in s distant corner of the room I heard a faint sound that is even more fabulous than silence.

It was Chip. Drinking water.

I could hear his kidneys continuing to heal with each exquisite lap of liquid.

Dream on my friends!

Glee stars GQ photo shoot – eh?


So apparently there is some raging debate going on about the photo shoot that three of the stars of Glee did for GQ

Bear in mind here, that the ladies are both 24 and the gent is 28. ADULTS here folks. ADULTS! Fully capable of choosing what they do.

According to this article though, The Parents Television Council has formally complained about the photo shoot. Beyond the fact that I almost never agree with any sort of Parents Council type group (you know where those sticks are, right?), I have another couple of points to add to the fact that those actors are, well, actors and also – ADULTS!

  1. Glee is a family show only if you consider it to be for middle schoolers and up. It’s not, and never has been and never was intended to be a G rated family show. It’s pretty much borderline on the PG rating some episodes (hello – Finn experiencing premature ejaculation in a hot tub and then believing that’s how Quinn got pregnant?!!) As the article I linked to indicates, the creator of the show has always been open about the adult content. So, as a parent, if you are allowing your kids to watch this show without being totally aware of what they will see/hear, then the problem lies with you – not these photos!
  2. Is GQ a family magazine??? Not the last time I checked! So please, Parents Television Council – please tell me why you are so concerned about little Billy or Betty seeing these photos? I mean, the raunchiest of them are INSIDE the magazine. The cover is tame by today’s standards. Unless mommy or daddy buys this magazine and then shows them to the kiddies, I just don’t see how THEY would even see it. So again – the responsibility here lies with….say it with me now – THE PARENTS!

I know, I sound harsh, but these sorts of things always make me laugh at the absurdity of it all. Seems to me people are being much to quick to get their hot pink panties in a wad 🙂

Blog Post of the week with bonus (we love Twitter) edition


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

May you be blessed with good weather and the time to enjoy some of the beauty around you. Remember to give thanks and honor those who have served and given the ultimate sacrifice for all we treasure here.

As my political friends pointed out – nice timing for taking a giant step towards repealing Dont Ask Dont Tell – just before a weekend when we honor those who’ve served & died. Don’t kid yourself that they were all straight eh? 🙂

Well, there was lots of big finales on TV this week, but the one show that call all my friend’s attention was not even a season finale yet. Glee busted out probably it’s best episode of its short run – and there wasn’t even any Sue Sylvester in it! No, what made this episode an instant classic for many of us was one, critical scene. No, not even a song, but a fantastic rant by one character on behalf of another.

Erica dedicated a post just to this episode along with video of The Scene. I think she summarizes it certainly much better than I can 🙂  BGAI Together – He is my son (with special video clip from Glee)

She is right that if you have a heart, you will need a tissue.

The bonus blog post of the week is more personal – plus it has to do with Adam Lambert which makes it automatically glittery  🙂

Making a Teen Girls’ Dream Come True unfolded last night over Twitter.  My connection to Debbie is through DailyKos. I have never met her, but we have mutual friends who I have met. Clearly we all don’t tweet about just one topic though. Debbie has mentioned her niece’s love of Adam before and I’ve mentioned to her that I can relate! But then that switched from fun banter to – hey, she’ll be back in CA when Adam is in Orange County and where can I maybe get tickets for her? Well, I knew from experience that the initial online sales had been almost impossible through. The scalpers got nearly everything and were now re-selling the originally reasonably price seats for double. I got lucky because I had connections to someone who DID get through and grabbed tickets at face value. But I also knew there were still a few folks out there with extras so when Debbie asked, I immediately thought of swan2029 who has been on my Adam buddy list for a few months now and had face value tickets. Well, as you can see from Deb’s post, the hookup worked!

So now when I drive up to Orange County on July 28th, here is who I will be meeting or going with:

  1. My son (MM who has been completely corrupted with my Adam adoration)
  2. One of my young buddies from the Padres blog, who also has a love of Adam will be riding along
  3. Meeting Jan & Kathleen there (Fantasy Spring, Jan originally from American Idol tour stop)
  4. Meeting Swan2029 (might meet her before that actually as now there is a San Diego date & she’s driving in to get tickets onsite)
  5. Meeting a gal from Malaysia who I chat with a lot on twitter
  6. Meeting the lady from the Adam fan site who sold me my son’s ticket.
  7. Meeting Deb’s niece & whoever brings her to the concert.

All people who (other than my son & Padres pal) – I would NEVER have met if not for Adam Lambert! Crazy huh?

Priceless moments thanks to Glee


Oh, if only you had been on a fly on the wall at my house or in my car this week 🙂

Tuesday brought me much musical joy as Volume 3 of the Glee collection was released on iTunes. I promptly downloaded it and made a CD. I had been particularly eager to hear Chris Colfer’s rendition of Everything’s Coming Up Roses – or, in Glee’s version – Everything’s Coming Up Kurt (Hummel). It had been such a powerful moment in last week’s episode and the CD version is fabulous too. I had it on repeat in the car on the way home that night. So I walked in still singing it too myself. DS2 looked at me and asked what I was singing. I said “hang on” and then put the CD in the PC (best speakers in the house outside of DS1’s room) and blasted it. He immediately recognized it “Oh, Kurt’s song!” and was toe tapping and along with me. That was followed by Dream On which was done in this weeks’ show. It’s a great back to back set. (shoot, the whole CD is their best yet & I have not stopped listening to it but I digress..) We both got up to sing along with that one and then Safety Dance came on and we were dancing away. Yes, my 13 year old sang and danced with me in the middle of the house. How sweet is that? But wait, there’s more!

Being a 13 year old sport loving boy, DS2 is naturally rather reluctant in his Gleek status. He cops to it in certain settings, but plays it cool otherwise. Of course, he always makes sure he is sitting with me when it comes on Tuesday nights AND he makes sure that I save the DVR of it when he is with his dad. It’s kind of how he is about Adam Lambert too. He rolls his eyes at me, but then ques up the CD in the car and sings along to every song 🙂

Last night we went to work out together. This in itself has been a lot of fun and something I really love having him do with me. They love having him there and the trainer is really good about making sure he starts off slow with weights, but then pushes him aerobically because he can handle it. I’m hoping this will be some good prep for the training he will have to go through in the summer for high school football. It’s good for me too because having him there makes me push myself a little harder to show him that his 45 year old mom can kick his butt at some of the exercises (for now!)

On the way back last night since Glee was on the car stereo he requested Kurt – and then he pushed RPT so that we were listening and singing along 3 times in a row. Then he released the RPT and Dream On blasted just as we pulled into the garage. He puts his hand out and says “Do NOT turn off the car!” and we sat there in the garage, in the dark, singing and drumming and air guitaring to Dream On.

Can you just go ahead and freeze that moment in time for me forever?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

YouTube – Sue’s Corner – “Sneaky gays”


Adam Lambert sent this out on his twitter feed last night. “Jane Lynch is genius!!” was his comment. He’s got that right. If you have not yet checked out Glee – you must! Season 2 starts on April 13th and the Sue Sylvester character is precisely why you need to watch. This clip is classic.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Enough Ranting – here’s some sunshine for you


Before I lose my status as Little Miss Sunshine, here are a few things from the last couple of weeks that made me smile:

  • Spring has sprung! It’s warm enough to open windows and with the star jasmine in full bloom the whole house ends up smelling just fabulous! Stepping into the backyard to water the plants or re-fill the bottomless pit that is the bird feeder is an olfactory version of heaven right now.
  • SportsBoy & I did enjoy being around our old pop warner friends on Saturday. We are particularly happy that we do *not* have to participate in any of the usual team formation drama. He knows exactly where he will be next fall & I am not responsible for voting on coaches or rosters. Yay!!
  • Less than 30 days (April 13th) to Glee!!!
  • New Saturday trainer. I was scared about the switch. I was so happy & comfortable with the previous guy & my two previous classes last year with the new guy were *intense* and I had not been able to crack through his crusty exterior. He’s still a ton harder than the previous guy, but I’ve now seen his softer side and gotten his sense of humor to spring out so I am at least having fun while I feel like my lungs are going to burst. Seriously – if you live in San Diego you cannot beat this deal! $10 per one hour workout with a group that hovers between 5-10 other people. I know a few people who still belong to a gym, but come and train with us at least one class per week (which is all I have time to do).  And yes, I said it was tough – BUT – they also do a great job catering to different abilities. I’ve been at it for almost a year now so I deserve some ass kicking. They will gladly assist with a gentle transition from couch potato status. Contact them here. You will NOT regret it. And if you come to the Saturday class you can watch me trip over myself & utterly fail at jump rope.
  • New high schools that opened in the past 10 years make me very happy. We went last night for the first mandatory meeting for incoming freshman registration at SB’s school of choice. Which also happens to be where his brother went 11 years ago. Back then, I remember the gym being overflowing with people. Jammed to the rafters, shoulder to shoulder on the benches, standing in all available areas. I think the incoming freshman class was well over 1000. Last night, the gym was quite comfortably *maybe* 2/3 full. The principal said the incoming class would probably land at around 600-650. Meanwhile, instead of portable buildings, there is now a beautiful new two story building of classrooms. Since 2000, one public high school and one private have opened in the area. Which makes this current version seem so much smaller & easier to navigate. That, and everything being on the internet!  All forms are online, the counselors have a great web site & are easily accessible via email. Night & day for a parent I tell ya!
  • I actually sat through all of American Idol last night AND a couple of the gals made me sit up and pay attention and a couple others were quite pleasant. And no one completely stunk! My favorites are Siobhan & Crystal. The girls really should come out ahead this season. No guy was a stand out in my eyes at all. *Maybe* 16 year old Aaron who has a very nice voice. But those two girls really owned the stage & were original with really strong vocals. I’m not invested enough to care who gets the boot, but I may at least watch the performances after they record on the DVR.
  • Finally – two authors I’ve enjoyed. Robert Ludlum who I know is well known for his International Espionage type novels. Well written, not too complicated that you lose track of things as they twist around and an overall sense that the hero is firmly in control. I like that. I mean, in general you KNOW the good guys will prevail, but I like that it’s pretty clear in Ludlum’s books that they are never totally in the dark out of control. Just my preference. A pleasant surprise has been Janet Evanovich. I’m reading out of order since this is book #6 in the Stephanie Plum series (I do have #7 to read right after) but this is the first of her books I am picking up. I *will* go back and read the others! This girl has me laughing out loud constantly! Stephanie is seriously the funniest heroine I’ve ever met in a book. I’m not even done & I know I will read all the rest next year. If you haven’t already picked up one of her books – do it now. It will be nothing but snort out loud fun, I promise.