Priceless moments thanks to Glee

Oh, if only you had been on a fly on the wall at my house or in my car this week 🙂

Tuesday brought me much musical joy as Volume 3 of the Glee collection was released on iTunes. I promptly downloaded it and made a CD. I had been particularly eager to hear Chris Colfer’s rendition of Everything’s Coming Up Roses – or, in Glee’s version – Everything’s Coming Up Kurt (Hummel). It had been such a powerful moment in last week’s episode and the CD version is fabulous too. I had it on repeat in the car on the way home that night. So I walked in still singing it too myself. DS2 looked at me and asked what I was singing. I said “hang on” and then put the CD in the PC (best speakers in the house outside of DS1’s room) and blasted it. He immediately recognized it “Oh, Kurt’s song!” and was toe tapping and along with me. That was followed by Dream On which was done in this weeks’ show. It’s a great back to back set. (shoot, the whole CD is their best yet & I have not stopped listening to it but I digress..) We both got up to sing along with that one and then Safety Dance came on and we were dancing away. Yes, my 13 year old sang and danced with me in the middle of the house. How sweet is that? But wait, there’s more!

Being a 13 year old sport loving boy, DS2 is naturally rather reluctant in his Gleek status. He cops to it in certain settings, but plays it cool otherwise. Of course, he always makes sure he is sitting with me when it comes on Tuesday nights AND he makes sure that I save the DVR of it when he is with his dad. It’s kind of how he is about Adam Lambert too. He rolls his eyes at me, but then ques up the CD in the car and sings along to every song 🙂

Last night we went to work out together. This in itself has been a lot of fun and something I really love having him do with me. They love having him there and the trainer is really good about making sure he starts off slow with weights, but then pushes him aerobically because he can handle it. I’m hoping this will be some good prep for the training he will have to go through in the summer for high school football. It’s good for me too because having him there makes me push myself a little harder to show him that his 45 year old mom can kick his butt at some of the exercises (for now!)

On the way back last night since Glee was on the car stereo he requested Kurt – and then he pushed RPT so that we were listening and singing along 3 times in a row. Then he released the RPT and Dream On blasted just as we pulled into the garage. He puts his hand out and says “Do NOT turn off the car!” and we sat there in the garage, in the dark, singing and drumming and air guitaring to Dream On.

Can you just go ahead and freeze that moment in time for me forever?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. my two love Glee, you’re not allowed to talk to them when the show is on, and they’ve both downloaded several tracks from iTunes. It gives me great pleasure to hear them singing Madonna, Billy Joel and Aerosmith…


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