Blog post of the week – a thoughtful conversation

First of all, I highly recommend putting The Women’s Colony in your RSS feed or your Google Reader or whatever system you use to read blog posts. A delightful blend of writers who cover topics large & small, personal & global. Plus, some very nice eye candy pics in The Cabana room (rowr).

This week, my friend Jenn wrote a post on immigration. A very hot topic these days thanks to Arizona. Jenn & I share similar views on this issue, but that is not why I loved her post. I love how she presents it. In A Portrait of “Them” she describes real life examples of immigrant families and how seeing their struggles play out impacts her views on the issue. But it’s not just the post itself that is worthy of reading. Dig into those comments. A really respectful discussion unfolds detailing many of the complexities of this issue – thankfully without the passions & anger & ultimate name calling that often derails this debate. I learned more in that comment thread that I have on any news site or other blog post or cable news show about the issues!

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