Dream a little dream of me


Do you dream every night?

How vivid?

Do you have nightmares?

How often?

Are you aware within the dream that it IS a dream and that you could wake up to stop it?

Are you sleeping in any particular position when you have the most vivid dreams/nightmares?

Have dreams helped to solve problems and/or bottled up thought processes in your life?

I ask because I had  about a two week time span when I had the most *vivid* dreams just within that last hour of of sleep – in every case it was the alarm that woke me up out of them. They were not nightmares so it wasn’t bothering me, but I was fascinated and determined to figure out *why* it was happening. These were very vivid – I chose that image above because one night I did dream about some truly ornate house with enormously high ceilings and rich tapestries on the walls. I was having a blast exploring this place.

Each dream’s theme/topic/setting/characters were different with just a couple repeat appearances by my kids and SportBoy’s football coach of all people! I figured out later that what was most likely the cause of his appearances was that he and I had a 3-4 day run of talking to each other at the same time each day about the knee injury so it made sense that he was on my mind as a readily available character in the dreams.

I do have a couple of recurring topics in my dreams – usually about trying desperately to “get” somewhere either in a car or on foot but with constant obstacles being put up or else a feeling of lack of control (particularly when it’s me driving a car). Of course, those are rather obvious and easy to dissect at the time 🙂 But I had none of those in this run of adventures.

It was a real mystery to me and I would go to bed at night wondering which story my mind would conjure up to entertain me that night!

Then I realized…it’s been hot…the fan has been on…and I was turning over onto my back  to feel the full breeze and waking up in that position each morning.

Whenever I do (oh so rarely) have true nightmares, it is *always* when I sleep on my back, so I normally avoid that, even subconsciously. But, it was HOT!

So clearly the back sleeping triggered more vivid dream sequences, and since there really is nothing nagging at me in my life right now, they just happened to be more light hearted dreams of things like trees, and flowers, and birds,  🙂

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  1. I find that I have my most vivid nightmares when I have been awake in the middle of the night for a few hours, then fall asleep two hours or so before it is time to wake up…I don’t think I have ever had light-hearted dreams…


  2. oh yes, that is another time when I may have nightmares of very vivid dreams too – wake up around 1am..toss and turn until after 3am..finally fall asleep only to dream very vividly and wake feeling SUPER tired. Hasn’t happened in a long time, but I’ve been through that routine plenty.


  3. Dreams are very interesting. They almost always have something we can learn from them if we’re paying attention. It doesn’t have to be some earth shattering revelation. It could be something as simple as “You’re following the right path” or “Enjoy yourself at this time.”

    I’m glad they have been happy dreams!


  4. I always sleep on my back but rarely have nightmares. I haven’t had anxiety dreams lately, but when I used to have them they always involved being on a trip somewhere (say, Miami) and not being able to get to the airport, taking some bogus form of transportation (like a public bus) and forgetting my luggage on the bus when I change to another bus, and knowing that I’m going to miss my plane.

    But again, it’s been ages since I’ve had those types of dreams. The other day I dreamed about a former boss of mine and my co-workers, and the next day I found out that my co-worker was going back to work for this boss. It was a strange coincidence, since I hadn’t thought of the guy for years.


    1. Oh I’ve had that happen when I dream about someone from my past and then within a week I see or hear from them/about them.

      Yeah, it’s funny how I’ve pinpointed the back sleeping as a nightmare or vivid dream trigger. OTOH, I like it because I can sort of control them by avoiding that position.


  5. I have studied dreams using the Jungian methods for over 40 years. I used to have a dream group in which two other women and my self studied the Center Point Series focused on the teachings of Carl Jung. We shared our dreams and helped eachother figure them out.


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