Netroots Nation 14 – My First Protest!

My first protest! And, it made a real difference!

Pragmatic Progressive

On Friday the 18th in Detroit, the Netroots Nation attendees added their voices to a planned protest against the water shut offs in Detroit. I joined in to what was my first ever march or protest. I didn’t carry a sign because I wanted to take pictures, but I did chant “Fight! Fight! Fight! Water is a Human Right!” Here’s some of my pictures:

20140727-192729-70049816.jpg This was also the first protest march for my buddy Bill – he was INTO it!

20140727-192729-70049259.jpg Hey, when The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) tells you to march, you MARCH! Also, yes, I was that close and yes, he was looking right at me (swoon!) 🙂

20140727-192728-70048788.jpg The atmosphere was really fun.


20140727-192731-70051426.jpg We wound up at the base of this obelisk in Hart Plaza – there was supposed to be a stage but the police took it away – so the organizers improvised.

20140727-192730-70050584.jpg Some of my NN family –…

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