Yes, a blogger conference w/o reliable internet!

Thanks to the Rio hotel having absolutely horrible internet access issues (and wanting to charge $14 a day for said crappy connection in your room), I quickly had to bail on the idea of posting updates this past weekend.

And I would normally catch up during the week, but, this is Glamnation tour week – three Adam Lambert concerts within 4 days starting tomorrow night. Couple that with having to truly catch up on three days of work emails and I am going to have to continue my blogging hiatus for another week.

I do have pics and various political stories to tell on PP and them some non-political to share here. And I am sure there will be at least one Adam concert review!

Speaking of Adam Lambert* – I was stalked by him in Vegas. And I have the pictures to prove it ;-))

*Hint: Not all Adam Lamberts are glittery aliens.

2 thoughts on “Yes, a blogger conference w/o reliable internet!

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    1. Complete heresy!!!
      Especially since you really have no room to compare since you have never hung out with the Glittery Alien version 😉 Better looking is subjective anyway…each has their moments. Nicer? Oh, even my brief experience tells me they match each other on that. More fun? Again, I think they are equal there. What I particularly LOVE about the Original A.L (since ours is older) is just how much fun HE has with the more famous version of himself.


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