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While all three concerts I saw this week were fabulous, there was something very special about the San Diego show last night. True, Costa Mesa brought 2 sold out shows in an 8500 seat outdoor amphitheater with well laid out seating and sound. Yes, I *did* end up just three rows behind the folks in the pit at the front on Tuesday night. Yes, I was with Music Man and my Padres/Adam buddy David on Wednesday night in a raucous, loud section. Yes, Adam and the band were clearly happy, relaxed and almost giggly on Wednesday as well. Yes, it was amazing in said outdoor venue to pretty much be able to hear a pin drop while Adam sang Soaked. However, his home town show last night really topped it for me.

First of all Copley Symphony Hall is gorgeous. It’s acoustically superior to almost any other venue in the county. At just 2200 seats, it’s intimate. This was the one that I camped out for two months ago. My dead center front section balcony seats were PERFECT. We got the full sense of the visuals created on stage. The lasers were above and below us. We felt fully immersed in the ambiance of each song. There were cameras everywhere videotaping the whole performance for E! True Hollywood stories. In between Allison/Orianthi/Adam they were in the crowd getting everyone warmed up. As we screamed at the top of our lungs for an encore from Adam, they ran up and down the center aisle of our section filming. Their main camera was literally behind my section since it was so perfectly dead center. And the sound! Oh man. Well, his voice is magical. He needs no enhancements or embellishments for sure. Soaked is a slower one of his songs that he performs with just him and the keyboard and he draws you right into him. You feel every nuance of every lyric. He does a set with just the acoustic guitar too. At the end, when he does his encore, bluesy version of Whole Lotta Love, well…if you don’t get chills there is something seriously wrong with you!! All three nights he hit notes that blew my mind. Oh, and he has one or two sexy moves too (seriously, he could have been a dancer if the voice wasn’t so brilliant).

He just puts on a full sensory load of a glam rock theatrical show that is over much too fast and leaves you smiling and breathless.

And the crowds?! Outfits you cannot imagine! Makeup and jewelry & sparkly clothes. I saw families with kids – yes, mom AND dad with two boys one night. They say the main demographic for his fans is 40-60 year old women (ok, that nails me and ALL of my Glamtastic girlfriends) BUT – there were plenty of younger and much older people too. Everyone around us all three nights were having a fantastic time. Even some Adam ‘virgins’ as we were calling them ended up saying the wanted to become groupies now too! Ah, if only. My three days was so much fun and I didn’t even get to do the hanging out by the buses thing  like I would have liked! I did get that shot of Adam getting onto his bus last night thanks to an inside tip from someone who knew where he would be getting on. So I did get close to him for a few seconds! But I am also so jealous of all my friends who have been truly following the tour since San Francisco last week and on into Vegas tonight. It feels weird not to be going with them! Sucks to be the responsible adult who has to WORK dammit!!

Still, it was a truly fantastic four nights surrounded by amazing people. Adam’s fans are truly one huge family. I know because I took one in this week 🙂 She was making her way from Northern Cal to here and now she is on to Vegas before returning here Sunday night when I will finally put her on a train home. All along the way from San Fran to Vegas she’s had people either take her in (me) or find her tickets (Jan) or give her a ride (like Lisa taking her to Vegas) and all totally on the fly with pleas sent out from Twitter. What can you do though? We all love Adam and, as he tells us every night in his show, that’s what it is all about:

Before you break you have to shed your armor
Take a trip and fall into the glitter
Tell a stranger that they’re beautiful
So all you feel is love, love
All you feel is love, love

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  1. What a nice and refreshing article. I get a liittle bored with some of those snarky articles. Love the above verse to Adam’s song AFTERMATH. Thanks for loving him , your doing it beautifully.


  2. Love what you wrote! I was at CM concert 7-27. I was blown away! Watching vids of GNT is awesome but seeing him live is EPIC!! Adam’s appeal and message is for ALL. People of all ages and backgrounds were on their feet dancing, and often singing along, from the time FYE started until it ended with WLL. I’ve been to numerous concerts over the years but this is one I’ll never forget. The best part is continuing to relive the experience from fan vids on-line.


  3. great article….I am going to see Adam when he comes to Florida at the Hard Rock. I have never been to a concert there yet. I have great seats. Can not wait.


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