My dad, Alzheimer’s + The Bredesen Protocol, Part 2

The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline - Dale E. Bredesen, MD Let's talk about genetics, shall we? I have always been curious about using one of those genetic testing services to find out about my ancestry. I had never really thought about using it to illuminate medical information.... Continue Reading →

I passed my latest blood test with flying colors! Cholesterol is down. Triglycerides are way down. I didn't even have to debate with my doctor on medication - she was thrilled with how the Lovaza+diet+exercise seems to have done the trick. Unfortunately for my wallet, the Lovaza is a fairly recent FDA approved pure Omega... Continue Reading →

Healthcare Reform is personal, part 2 – an historic weekend

**Oops - the problem with having two blogs!! But since this already went out on Twitter from this site, I'll leave it** On Rachel Maddow's show tonight they listed all of the items that will take effect within the next year in the Healthcare Reform bill which passed this weekend. I've emailed them to ask... Continue Reading →

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