Oct 26 – When politics and personal life collide

OK, so I am not transitioning DIRECTLY into fluffy fun from yesterday. There’s a transition of sorts.

As I hinted at in my race report, there have been some err….female problems..going on recently as I approach that time in a gal’s life when certain reproductive systems prepare to take a dirt nap 🙂

When I went in for my annual appointment with the female lady parts doctor, she surmised that it would be a good idea to check out my uterus via ultrasound for fibroids or other irritations and potentially do what is called a hydro thermal ablation to sort of “cleans things out” and reduce the irritations and thereby reduce the excessive…er…flow. (yes, trying to keep it palatable for the male readers, but you gals know what I’m talking about, right? Right)

Since this is my first ever issue in this regard, and since my kids are older – the only experience I’d had with ultrasounds before was a while pregnant and external only and I did have to prepare in any way.

This morning I learned a little something about myself.

1) Running has definitely made me mentally tougher (hey, I ran that 5k after all these issues which in itself made my doctor laugh at my insanity and toughness). I know this for sure because today I did NOT kick, punch or scream at the ultrasound technician, nor did I allow my bladder to explode as it wanted to while she took what felt like 10 bazillion pictures.

2) Because I do drink water, and a lot of it, every day as my primary source of liquid – I really do NOT need to prepare for an ultrasound by drinking 32oz of liquid a full hour before the procedure. Since I am plenty hydrated as a rule and since my bladder clearly fills up FAST – in the future, I can just drink 24 oz 30 mins before.

Woulda been nice to know #2 ahead of time so that I didn’t have to test the boundaries of #1 🙂

The politics part is that the second step of the ultrasound after she took a bazillion photos of my uterus through my overly full bladder and then released me to empty it (best feeling ever!) – part two was a vaginal ultrasound. As soon as she said that I almost involuntarily giggled. Yeah, giggled. You see, being the political geek that I am I had hear a little bit about this procedure this year. Thanks, in large part, to the Governor of Virginia who is now referred to on the left as Governor Ultrasound” (Tried to pass a law mandating a vaginal ultrasound for any woman who wanted to terminate a pregnancy. Also wanted to make her pay for it. Great guy – see yesterday’s post on how I feel about the GOP right now) Also, thanks to that coverage, I knew what the to expect before I even saw the wand that is used. And that thought in my brain which had me sort of laughing at the connection allowed me to relax and get through the second part pretty well. Even though it also seemed to go on forever!

Can you tell I am having so much FUN this “vacation” week?

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